How To Create a Beautiful Christmas Table

Inspiration Decorating A Christmas TableCandy Stripe Tablecloth, Entertain Oval Platter, Sorrento Pitcher, Entertain Salad Bowl, Entertain Salad Servers, Entertain Gravy Boat, Cider Glass Set, Colour Palette (Navy) Tumbler Set, Society White Wine Glass Set, Tailor Blue Dinner Plate, Tailor Blue Side Plate, Tailor Blue Bowl, Lineum Napkin, Lineum Cushion, Quintessential Bauble Set – Lustre, Silind Vase,  Hamilton Pot Stand, Theros Planter,


Inspiration Decorating a Christmas Table

Tailor Blue Dinner Plate, Tailor Blue Side Plate, Lineum Napkin


Entertain Oval Platter, Entertain Custard Jug, Entertain Condiment Set (Spoon not included)


Christmas Decorating ideas

Bright Band Basket



Entertain Round Platter with Server, Host Serving Bowl – Small, Host Serving Bowl – Medium, Host Pinch Pot.


Our Family Christmas…

Some of my fondest memories are of Christmas. My great aunt with a gardenia tucked behind her ear, Uncle Plonko doing his signature ‘bomb’ into the pool after lunch and my mum spending ages decorating the Christmas table the night before. Every year she did something different and every year it looked incredible.

So, When Freedom approached  me to style a Christmas table I knew I wanted to do it with mum. We’ve got a really similar sense of style…plus she’s my best buddy so it’s the perfect excuse to hang out and create something beautiful together!


Five Tips for Decorating Your Christmas Table

  1. Don’t feel like you’ve got to stick to a palette of red and green. We chose a fresh combination of blue, yellow and white as it felt relaxed and summery – just like our family Christmases!
  2. Flowers can sometimes wilt in the heat of an Australian Christmas so we created a center piece from the branches of a 100-year old pear tree at mum and dad’s farm. The yellow lichen tied in perfectly with our palette (without feeling too matchy matchy). We also added some of Freedom’s translucent ‘Quintessential’ christmas decorations that catch the sun and shimmer.
  3. Personalised place settings are guaranteed to make everyone around your table feel welcome.  Mum and I kept things simple and wrapped leather thonging loosely around each serviette and slipped in a hand written name card. To finish it off, we added a single yellow button flower
  4. There’s not much point buying serving ware and platters that look so ‘Christmassy’ you can only use them on one day a year. Stick to neutral white or the timeless appeal of timber that you can use all year round and let your centerpiece and place settings make your table feel festive.
  5. Get creative and look for ways you can decorate with things you already have about your home. For our ice bucket we used a planter while the basket for our Christmas tree normally has the kids toys in it!
Inspiration-for-decorating-a-christmas-tableCandy Stripe Tablecloth, Entertain Salad Servers, Lineum Linen Napkin, Tailor Dinner Plate, Tailor Side Plate, Tailor Bowl, Cider Glass Set, Colour Palette Tumbler Set, Ypsilon Carafe, Sorrento Glass Pitcher, Entertain  Dip Bowl Set.


inspiration-decorating-a-christmas-table-11Entertain Dip Bowl Set – Dandeloin, Entertain Dip Bowl Set – Indigo.


inspiration-decorating-a-christmas-table-5Tailor Blue Dinner Plate, Tailor Blue Side Plate3, Lineum Napkin, Lineum Cushion, Cider Glass Set, Society White Wine Glass Set,      Host Pinch Pot.


Inspiration decorating a christmas tableQuintessential Bauble Set – Lustre


Inspiration Decorate Christmas TableHamilton Pot Stand, Theros Planter.


Inspiration for Decorating a Christmas Table

Entertain Cake Stand, Entertain Cheese Dome Set, Entertain Salt and Pepper Set.


inspiration decorating christmas tableCandy Stripe Tablecloth, Entertain Oval Platter, Sorrento Pitcher, Entertain Salad Bowl, Entertain Salad Servers, Entertain Gravy Boat, Cider Glass Set, Colour Palette (Navy) Tumbler Set, Society White Wine Glass Set, Tailor Blue Dinner Plate, Tailor Blue Side Plate, Tailor Blue Bowl, Lineum Napkin, Lineum Cushion, Quintessential Bauble Set – Lustre, Silind Vase,  Hamilton Pot Stand, Theros Planter.


This is a Sponsored Post // Photographer: Fiona Storey // Styling: Clare Hillier & Sally Singline



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