Memorable Moments from Gwyneth Paltrow’s New Cook Book

Gwyneth Paltrow’s cooking book, My Father’s Daughter: Delicious, Easy Recipes Celebrating Family and Togetherness, drops this week.  Unfortunately, much like her lifestyle site GOOP, it comes across as a wee bit patronizing – remember the the work/life balance GOOP newsletter?!  But fortunately, it does provide a few giggles.

Here’s some of the best the best lines – and name drops –  from Gwyneth’s latest vanity project:

  • On zucchini: “When I pass a flowering zucchini plant in a garden, my heart skips a beat.”
  • On hot dogs: “I basically love anything that comes in a hot dog bun… except hot dogs (sorry, Dad).”
  • On one of her kids’ favorite dishes: “Oh, how my heart leaps when I see them munching down kale with brown rice.”
  • On bacon: “D’Artagnan duck bacon is out of this world.”
  • On bacon, again, “I’m not sure how health bacon is in general, but I know it’s incredibly delicious.”
  • On breakfast: “Food preferences are easy to contend with — set out a large bowl of granola and have all different fixins on the side — berries, flax meal, yogurt, cow’s milk, soy milk, hemp milk.”
  • On her kids’ love for broccoli: “Luckily, my children love broccoli, and although we sometimes enter into UN-like negotiations about how many ‘trees’ they need to eat before they can partake of ice cream, it is a vegetable that they tend to embrace.”
  • On making her own root beer: “The day we were finding the formula, my daughter, who was four years old at the time, walked into the kitchen and asked me what I was drinking. ‘Soda,’ I replied. She looked at me with her big blue eyes. ‘What’s that?’ she responded.”
  • On hosting a successful dinner: “You just need some good ingredients and a few simple recipes, maybe a couple of jokes or a ‘topic to dissect’ at the table, the way they do at Nora Ephron’s house.”
  • On what turned her off factory-farmed meat: “When I was twenty-one, a friend gave me a book called ‘Diet for a New America’ by John Robbins, which exposed the brutal practices of American factory farms. That, coupled with a lecture from Leonardo DiCaprio (when he was 19 and I was 21) about how such animals are kept and processed, made me lose my desire for factory farm pork and beef right there.


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