Goodgod Small Club’s Second Coming

Go on admit it – discovering a hidden gem before everyone else does leads to a satisfying twinge of smugness! So, consider yourself dripping in first-in-the-kn0w-self-love with this tip off…

Last Sunday, Goodgod Small Club, Sydney’s little big club that could, called first drinks in their new front bar. Part social club, part subterranean speak-easy, part late-night drinking haven, the new supper club is set to redefine the midnight hours.

With a bar laid with pebbles that glow like jubes, whitewashed booth seating rippling under cave lighting and lush ferns, a boutique list of cocktail carafes and moorish tastes menu, this is the perfect spot to indulge in life’s small – and decadent – pleasures.

With Mr Luva Luva himself – Shaggy – having his 42nd birthday at Goodgod next week, you won’t be the first in the know for long. You’ve been warned!

Goodgod Small Club, 55 Liverpool Street, Sydney
Open Wednesday 5pm – 1 am, Thursday 5pm – 2 am, Friday 5pm – 5am and Saturday 8pm – 5am.
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