Read This Before You Use Cleaning Products

Goodbye DetergentGoodbye DetergentGoodbye Detergent
Cleaning is supposed to be about maintaining a healthy home, yet many common household cleaners contain chemicals that could be doing more harm than good.

In fact, a recent study published in Environmental Health Perspectives shows that we are exposed to a wide range of chemicals in everyday products (even ones labelled as ‘green’) that have been linked to health risks such as cancer and childhood asthma – and that these chemicals aren’t always listed on the label.

While you might like to try making your own cleaning products, you could also say Goodbye Detergent forever with this new range of resuable scrubs and pads.

Goodbye Detergent is made in Japan and designed by industrial designer, Hiroki Hayashi. Using unique natural materials like peach pits, recycled plastic, walnut shells and pumice stones, this range makes it easy to clean without soaps and detergents.

I’ve been putting Goodbye Detergent through its paces and scrubbing pots, our stainless steel bench and even outdoor tiles and have been blown away. For real.

Who would have thought that walnut shells would take me one step closer to a toxin free home?!


AU $9.95 // Available online from Goodbye Detergent


Goodbye Detergent sent me a sample of their products to review // All reviews of brands, products and experiences on Checks and Spots are genuine and reflect my honest opinion. I will only ever write about what I truly believe in. 
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