Five Tips for Learning How To Meditate


One thing I wish I could do, but don’t know how is meditate. So to find out about adding a little zen to my days, I caught up with Rosie Condo, a wellbeing therapist and owner of LULA Lifestyle & Wellbeing.  With over 15 years experience practising healing and wellbeing treatments, Roise knows what she’s talking about.

Here are Rosie’s five tips for learning how to meditate:


1. Presence 

Understand why you are meditating. Where are your thoughts? Meditation is about achieving stillness; try to get “out” of your head and let go of the stresses…relax! Set an intention to let go of your busy thoughts rushing through your mind and welcome relaxing thoughts of peace and calm. This can be difficult to do and may take some practice, but relaxing the mind and your thoughts will benefit your body greatly and start you on your meditating journey to calmness.


2. Time

Meditation doesn’t have to be a big time commitment, do what works for you. Five minutes of quiet time is better than nothing at all. I have been known to meditate in the shower or arrive five minutes earlier to school pick up and use that time to meditate in the car. Try when your baby is asleep or when your children are at school. You can also try before getting up in the morning or going to bed at night. Just look at meditation as a gift you give yourself – even if it’s only once a week.


3. Breathe

In Meditation the focus is on the breath. Once you start to connect with your breath your body relaxes. Close your eyes and breathe in a deep belly breath slowly filling up your tummy and lungs then breathe out deeply pushing all the air out of your tummy and lungs. Then breathe in again, a long deep belly breath full of love and tranquillity and breathe out all your stresses and negativity. Keep doing this breathing exercise and you’ll feel your breaths get longer and deeper and slower and your body begin to relax….


4. Space

I love to create a beautiful space to meditate – some soothing music, burning candles, incense and crystals. This is my ideal way to meditate but I understand as a mum it’s not always possible. When my children were young finding that ‘alone time’ was a challenge in itself. But be creative. A special space for you could be in your room before the day begins or before bed at night. Keep a candle close and dim the lights. Your space is somewhere just for you to escape from the world to calm your mind.


5. Practice

Yes it’s true practice makes perfect! The more you meditate, the more relaxed and grounded you become. I meditate everyday sometimes for an hour and sometimes for 5 minutes.

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