Five Alive Friday


How’s your week been? Surviving the Christmas madness? In case, you’re looking for a little light relief, Five Alive Friday has your name on it!! So, steal a moment to yourself and check out this bunch of links that will distract, amuse and entertain…


  1. Here’s The Most Effective Way To Say No To Things You Don’t Want To Do.
  2. Why You Get More Done When You Work Less is perfect reading at this time of year.
  3. 1,500 People Give All The Relationship Advice You’ll Ever Need is a long read – but well worth it.
  4. Check out 9 edible gifts that are super easy to make and everyone will love.
  5. Ever wondered what the last artworks of some of history’s greatest artists looked like? Well wonder no more with this ace roundup!
  6. Here’s 21 Ways to Get Your Shit Together.
  7. Time Magazine has collected the 100 Most Influential Images of All Time.
  8. Mr Plant turns your old MAC into terrariums.
  9. There’s nothing like Henry Rollins’ perspective on things, especially when it’s why Trump Has Gone From Grabbing Pussies to Being One.
  10. According to Google searches, this is what everyone wanted to know ‘how to’ do in 2016.


Image: Adam Birkin
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