Five Alive Friday



Your wish is my command! 

Heaps of you mentioned in the Checks and Spots Reader Survey that you miss Five Alive Friday and wish it returned to being a weekly series. So, here it is! Back and ready to distract, amuse and entertain you each and every Friday. 

Have a happy weekend 



  1. This is what the oldest people in the world eat (and drink) – and it’s not what you’d expect!
  2. Here’s Why TV Needs ‘Weak’ Female Characters
  3. 10+ Babies Who Look Like Celebrities made me laugh – a lot!
  4. I’m crushing hard on Hayely Mitchell’s artwork.
  5. Quit Social Media. Your Career Might Depend On It is an interesting read.
  6. Getting married? Here are 13 brilliant questions you should ask your partner before your get hitched.
  7. 10+ of the most embarrassing #textfails ever is pretty damn funny!
  8. Find out what the most commonly knocked off designer bag is and how to spot a fake.
  9. According to a sex researcher, this is the one real way to get better at sex.
  10. This home in the English countryside is a minimalist masterpiece.


Painting by Hayley Mitchell

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