Five Alive Friday

bvd_formex_et_01Hold onto your hats – This is a bumper edition of Five Alive Friday in its new format! While this series is now monthly, I’ve also upped the number of links that will distract, amuse and entertain, so you’ll look busy all day long while not actually doing any work!  Have a wonderful weekend.

  1. Seeing is believing this epic collection of 10,000 images of street art from 34 countries.
  2. Let me introduce you to my dream home.
  3. Finding this, was my equivalent of stumbling across gold! Here’s a day in the life of Isabel Marant.
  4. Go behind-the-scenes of Barbie’s painstakingly produced Instagram.
  5. If you’re a lonely freelancer then Hoffice is for you.
  6. Here’s what your country’s emoji use says about you.
  7. The voyeur in you will love this sneak peek at some seriously covetable balconies and rooftops in NYC.
  8. This is what happens when young people swap clothes with their grandparents.
  9. Find out how long to nap for the biggest brain benefits.
  10. After reading this interview, I love Iris Apfel even more.
  11. At the moment I’ve got a thing for backpacks, so this is right up my alley!
  12. Oh my lord! Have you seen how ripped Jack Gyllenhaal is for his new movie, Southpaw? From 2,000 sit ups to six hours of training each day, this is how he did it. 
  13. Mixed Signals: Why People Misunderstand Each Other is a really fascinating read.
  14. Have you given yourself permission to be a work in progress?
  15. With Mother’s Day just around the corner, why not revisit a classic Proudman family moment from Offspring?!
  16. Bookmark. Save it. Pin it. Whatever you do, make sure you keep this round up 50+ Easy School Night Dinners nice and handy!
  17. Scott Disck is a dick.
  18. This is what it’s really like to interview Belle Gibson.
  19. Would you pay $300 to camp on the roof of Melbourne Central for a night?
  20. This list of simple rules for healthy eating is bang-on.


Image by BVD
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