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106 responses to “Fitness First ‘Pay it Forward’ Giveaway! {Closed}

  1. Bodypump! It is supposed to burn the most fat in the least amount of time! Perfect for a busy Mum!

  2. Pilates,Yoga, weights all three,
    But if I have to choose one,
    Zumba is sure to please

  3. I’d love to try the SH’BAM class to get me out of my comfort zone! I’m very shy and have never felt able to dance in public, but if I was in an exercise class that was ‘dancey’ like the SH’BAM class, I think I could get away with dancing without feeling too embarrassed.

  4. Lorne Jane represents THE best exercise gear , a versatile range and great quality!

  5. I’d do Body Attack because it sounds very intense and intense is what I need! I have an ever-expanding muffin top and it’s not going away with my pram-pushing walks so something a bit more vigorous is definitely in order.

  6. Definitely pilates. I get a lot of physical exercise normally but I find I’m ultra stressed these days and I feel I need a calming activity to do to get myself focused and able to take a deep long breath instead of running around hyperventilating all the time, which is what I seem to be doing a lot these days. And maybe I should quit my awful job too.

  7. With Lorna Jane in my corner, I\’d be willing to try a Body Combat class. I\’d be punching, kicking and literally smashing my fitness goals in no time!

  8. Yoga for certain. Perfect class to take advantage of after work on my way home. For some balance, de-stressing & flexibility of body & mind.

  9. I have always been curious about yoga and it’s benefits but due to my almost embarrassing lack of fitness would have to start with a slower, more basic, class with the goal of getting into the ‘hot’ group and unleashing my inner goddess!

  10. I would love to try Zumba – it looks like a lot of fun which I believe is the key to staying motivated.

  11. Pilates, to strengthen my core to help my back which isn’t coping as well as it used to be.

  12. After a hard days work, Gentle Flow Yoga would be a great way to wind down & chill out.

  13. I’d love to try the Ride class. It’s too cold to head outside on my bike so an indoor class would be great!

  14. Body pump – I’m a new mum and my son is getting heavier by the day. He is going through a phase where he wants to constantly jump and use his legs, and my arms need more strength!

  15. I would find BodyCombat very beneficial. It would be a great stress reliever but also help me to build self confidence while having fun toning my body and improving my fitness.

  16. I am already a subscriber, and I would choose the Weight Loss Workshops, I recently had both knees replaced and although they are still a little stiff I am back to exercising and wish to continue my weight loss (currently 15kgs) until I reach my goal

  17. Strength and cardio with BODY COMBAT!!
    Expunge some frustrations at the gym!!

  18. Anything that gets me back into the gym- i haven’t been in 3 months : ( need some motivation here

  19. I’d attack the winter bulge with Body Attack – it’s time to relax, refresh, have fun, emerge a new woman, surprise everyone!

  20. The Pilates or the Hot Yoga sound like something that would appeal to me.

  21. ZUMBA! I’d probably be the pastiest, flabbiest, most uncoordinated person in the room but it looks like such FUN!

  22. SXT looks a bit different to anything I’ve tried before- lots of strength and balance (and one suspects ‘good’ soreness!) in this one!

  23. I am in love with the concept of “Fusion”.First of all its for all fitness levels.secondly it will combine both strength and cardio formats to keep my work outs energetic, challenging and fun… would love to try this…

  24. I’m putting my Fitness First this year,
    By starting BodyPump to tone my rear,
    I’ll sculpt my body and get strength,
    For a HOT body I’d go to great lengths,
    In a fun group environment my muscles will scream,
    But boy will it build up my self esteem,
    Then I’ll Pay It Forward to someone like me,
    Who was lacking confidence and not knowing their ability!

  25. Zumba, have always wanted to have a go but im a shy person and scared of feeling/looking foolish.. Will have to drag a friend along so we can laugh at each other haha

  26. Small group training – core – to get to the centre of my (un)fitness.

  27. Checks and spots if you please,
    body combat, just to tease!
    Kicking my way to a healthy life,
    keeping me out of alot of strife!

  28. I would love to try Zumba it has two of my favourite things dance and exersize in one!! I have heard it does miracles and looks really fun!! This would be amazing to win because it would get me out if my comfort zone and boost my confidence mentally and physically and would love to show off ” the new me ” in summer xxxx

  29. Bootcamp for sure. If I\’m going to do it I might as well go all out! I didn\’t realise they did it I\’m finding it really an exciting prospect! This is definitely a change for the best for me. Someone getting me out there and just doing it!

  30. What a wonderful prize! Would love to try BodyCombat, seems like a wonderful way to get out that work stress!

  31. GENTLE FLOW YOGA. Would help me be focused over winter, bring out my Inner Winter Goddess and embrace life and wellbeing.

  32. I WANT TO DO THEM ALL! Wow. I had no clue that these classes existed!!
    I really need the motivation – working as a group would help me maintain some dedication.
    I’d have to start off with BodyBalance, as I need a serious detox before I hit anything extreme – I’d follow up with Yoga and then go for some Body Attack!

  33. Pilates & Yoga – I do a lot of running, and a lot of other (more serious) runners swear by pilates and yoga to lengthen and strengthen muscles and tighten the core, which is insanely good for you!

  34. KettleBells!
    I love, love, LOVE Kettlebells but never quite know how to use them. I know the stock standard KB swing, but I’m too scared to do any others incase I do it wrong and hurt something. I would love to learn correct technique and get my core nice and strong. All the classes looks great though…I had no idea there was this much variety!

  35. Body jam attracts my attention…looks like amazing energy burning. But to be honest I’m not afraid to try any of these activities and I\’m willing to give a majority a try.

  36. Zumba… never tried it before, but, may as well have some great music and dance to get me back in the gym and looking and feeling fit at the same time.

  37. BodyBalance is exactly what I need! A great workout then a relaxing session of meditation to block out all the buzz!

  38. I didn’t realise there were so many classes!
    I’d have to book in for some after gym massages,
    As I love the look of Dynamic Flow Yoga,
    I’d soon have a body to wear a toga,
    I’d so love to win the voucher and passes!

  39. I would love the body and mind class. It would take some serious convincing of the mind to keep motivated!!

  40. I’m up for shakin’ what my mama gave me in a Zumba class. No need for beer goggles for my dancing here – everyone will be wearing sweat ones instead!

  41. Yoga – if Olivia Newton John swears by it ‘Yoga one that I want oh oh oh honey, the one I need’ it’s good enough for me!

  42. My name is Annie and I’m here because I’m addicted to Zumbo Tim Tams. Only fitting then, that I work them off in a Zumba class, with the energy and fun to be just as addictive.

  43. Bodystep- blast from the past,
    In my teens,was lean and fast.
    Now with rolls and wrinkles too,
    Could I be a middle-aged step guru?

  44. The Body Balance sounds great. I’m trying to get my life in balance and fitness combined with relaxation sounds just the thing I am looking for.

  45. What an amazing array of classes and fun sounding too, I would definitely love to try Flow Yoga Hot, I guess because I’ve heard its such a good way to de stress and sweat out those nasty toxins too.

  46. BodyBalance! I spend so much of my time rushing from place to place, and favour high intensity cardio and strength sessions for my workouts, so I’ve set myself the goal to SLOW DOWN a little for the rest of the year. The strong, slow and flowing work you do in a BodyBalance class would be an awesome way for me to do this while still challenging my body by moving it in new and different ways.

  47. Hot yoga… that means I look good while I’m doing it, right?! In all seriousness, I am fascinated by this idea and would love to try this unique way to sweat it out at the gym!

    Thanks for the chance, I’m already a subscriber. What a fantastic prize!

  48. BodyBalance – it’s a workout that keeps your mind, body and soul calm and focused. My prefect class.

  49. Since I have a heart condition, gentle exercise like yoga helps regulate my heart rhythme.

  50. Body Step. I’m not the most co-ordinated person on the planet so this looks like a good step in the right direction! Simple movements with fat burning and muscle conditioning, sounds good to me 🙂

  51. Body Attack – Its one class i have always been too chicken to try! If i won i would have no excuse really!

  52. BodyBalance – It’s been a while since I have exercised, so this would be perfect for me.

  53. SGT – Kettlebells,
    Will make my CrossFit go well.
    Strengthening with technique,
    It’d be fantastic.

  54. Hot Yoga looks great, not only helps with flexibility but keeps me out of the air con for exercise, which I love!

  55. Definitely fusion because at the moment my workout probably represents something more like confusion

  56. Definitely Zumba, I have always wanted to give it a go, despite being a complete klutz and that I would probably be completely out of rhythm!

  57. I would definitely like to try TRX. I wouldn’t master it first go thus id certainly come back for more, better and stronger after everytime

  58. Pilates, with a back Surgery and i just had a baby Pilates is the best to get back the strength in my core and return to my shape without hurting again

  59. Would love to try body combat, great to get fit, have fun and learn some self defence at the same time i have heard you can burn around 1000 calories so def the class i need to shift this excess weight.

  60. Body attack because I may as well dive head first into the deep end and push my fitness boundaries!

  61. Sh’Bam! I’d love to pretend I’m in a video clip or at an old school disco! What an awesome way to burn calories!

  62. CX so I can get my core strength back and a nice flat tummy after giving birth in 4 weeks time!!

  63. Boxing- I would love to challenge myself and this would be so beneficial for stress relief and would be great for burning calories.

  64. Yoga.
    Stress has turned the muscles in my neck to stone, they\’ve grouped together to form a retaining wall. It\’s time to stretch or bring in a demolition crew.

  65. Pilates, with a weak back pilates would help with core strength and build resilience.

  66. Body Attack, in my Lorna Jane gear I will ready to get down and pumped to the music and feeling the adrenalin in my body.

  67. P_ilates… great for achieving flexibility,
    I_mproving general balance, mobility and agility.
    L_earning the proper techniques would be fun,
    A_ great way to practise myself while on the run.
    T_raditional methods, when combined with Props,
    E_ncourages the stretching of my core muscles,
    S_trengthening my daily fitness so it can come up tops!

  68. I love exercising and keeping fit. A fun way to do that would be with Fitness First’s ShBam class. I could learn some more dance moves to, no doubt, embarrass my daughters with!

  69. I need to develop some Muscle strength. I need my Raggedy Ann body to be conditioned to the likes of Barbie.

  70. SGT Kettlebells would be perfect for me
    Strengthen my core after baby number 3
    Work on my butt and tone my thighs
    Give my body a wake-up surprise!!!

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