Was This Selfie Some of The Best Product Placement Ever?

Ellen struck social-media gold when she tweeted this selfie. In fact, it now holds the record for the most popular tweet ever.


But there’s more to this story than it being a spontaneous celeb filled selfie. In reality it was actually some very clever product placement by Samsung, a major advertiser who spent $24 million on the Oscars between 2009 and 2013. So guess what Ellen used to take the selfie? A Samsung Galaxy Note 3.




ellen-selfie-oscars-samsung ellen-selfie-oscars-samsung

Backstage though it was a very different story. Ellen actually returned to her iPhone to tweet this:



With Apple crashing the party I guess it wasn’t all #winning for Samsung’s brave product placement!

What do you think of this sort of product placement? Do you still feel the same about this selfie?


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