DIY: Make Your Own Dip Dyed Lampshade


How to make an ombre dip dyed lampshadeYou might remember that recently we cleared out my grandparent’s place as they can no longer return home. Well, a few pieces have found there way to our house – one of which is a lampshade that used to be in my grandmother’s study.

I loved the way it looks like the fabric had been concertinaed around the lampshade, but wasn’t a huge fan of it’s beige tone so I decided to give it a little update.

Pink ombre is more my style so I spent a sunny Sunday morning dip dying it. Now, the lampshade is  in our living room and every time I walk past it, my thoughts come to rest on my grandparents and I feel connected with them.

This is how I made the lampshade…


What You Need…


  • A light-coloured fabric lampshade 
  • A large bucket that your lampshade will fit in
  • A spray bottle with water
  • Gloves
  • Liquid or powder fabric dye
  • String


What You Do…

  • Use warm water to mix up  dye in the bucket.  


  • Spritz the lampshade with water. You want it to be damp (so the dye takes evenly) but not soaking wet.


  • Slowly dip the end of the lampshade you want to be the lightest shade into the bucket.


  • Once you get the tone you’re after (probably about ten minutes), take it out. To create an ombre effect, empty some dye and slowly dip the other end of the lampshade in.


  • Leave lampshade in until you get a nice midtone (probably about 20 minutes) that blends in with the lighter shade you did first and then take it out. Empty more dye from the bucket and return lampshade (same end you did for the midtone) to bucket.

How to make an ombre dip dyed lampshade

  • Leave lampshade in until you get a dark shade (probably about 30 minutes). Take it out and use the string to hang it from your clothesline to dry.

How to make a ombre dip dyed lampshade

  • Once it is completely dry, pop it back on your lamp and admire your handy work!

Ho to make an ombre dip dyed lampshade

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