Discovered Uncovered: The Byron Bay Edition

Here’s a little of what I did, discovered and loved during two blissful weeks at Byron Bay:

  1. What’s better than a lazy morning spent ambling around Bangalow Market? A lazy morning spent ambling around Bangalow Market and spotting Kelly Slater!
  2. Salt water and sunshine.
  3. Dinner, belly laughs and too many cocktails at St Elmo Dining Room and Bar.
  4. The daily ritual of an afternoon walk along the great stretch that is Tallow Beach.
  5. Starting the day right with breakfast at The Dip.
  6. I’m really fussy about sunscreen. It can’t feel greasy and has to have a dry touch. This one from Neutrogena (for my face) and this one from Hamilton (for my body) fit the bill perfectly.
  7. Date night with my fella and The Italian.
  8. It’s not a new release, but I loved every minute of Wish You Were Here.
  9. The Petit Snail is possibly the most charismatic restaurant I have ever been to. And yes, I had the snails!
  10. Collecting shells and watching the sunrise with The Wild One.
  11. Starting the day right with breakfast at The Dip.
  12. A bit of Frank Ocean by the ocean.
  13. Coconut Ice Cream…but then you already knew I had a problem with this!
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