Discovered Uncovered


Here’s a little of what I’ve been doing, loving and discovering lately…

  • Reading What Happened, Miss Simone?
  • Wearing my Zana Bayne choker
  • Listening to this.
  • Eating the most insane peanut butter parfait at Coda!
  • Watching Barracuda
  • Feeling like things are shifting with my career. I’m not really sure what is about to unfold but I like that a change is in the air.
  • Discovering Bee Natural Beauty, a natural skincare range from Beechworth Honey that is perfect for winter skin
  • Thinking about training for my first marathon
  • Haunted by this
  • Obsessed with the way Atticus so beautifully threads words together
  • Making this good-for-you treat.
  • Drinking at Garden State Hotel.
  • Excited about a trip to Tuscany with my mum. Even though we are incredible close, we’ve never actually traveled together…so I can’t wait!


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