Discovered Uncovered


Here’s a little of what I’ve been doing, loving and discovering lately…

  • Visiting Melbourne Now and falling in love with this fair city all over again.
  • Making a stack of recipes for the kids from the One Handed Cooks magazine.
  • Watching (and loving) Blue Jasmine.
  • Never wanting this stinking hot weather to stop!
  • Slathering on Kit’s SPF 30+ Face Sunscreen. It’s non-greasy (so you can wear it under your makeup, not just to the beach) and fragrance free. Yay!
  • Reading If Your Body Could Talk.
  • Looking for the perfect studio space to move my business out of home.
  • Discovering Mynd Interiors, a super cheery home and lifestyle store that also has a beaut online shop too. You can see a little collection of pieces I bought in the photo above!
  • Sipping on Ginger Kick organic tea at night in an attempt to curb my sweet tooth. So far, so good – it seems to work!
  • Purging and giving away all the clutter in our home. It’s funny how going through every cupboard can make you feel lighter.
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