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Here’s a little of what I’ve been doing, loving and discovering lately…

  • Reading the new Taste magazine.
  • Obsessed with the heady scent of jasmine that this time of year brings.
  • Loving this new online art gallery.
  • Listening to How To Dress Well.
  • Devouring the most incredible Sweet Pea Fritters at The Grounds of Alexandria.
  • Staying at QT Gold Coast and Sydney. Both hotels are seriously impressive with a ton of personality. In fact, no other hotel chain in Australia is doing anything that’s half as exciting as this lot.
  • Learning the art of stillness and finally starting meditation classes.
  • Making Karen Martini’s Syrian Chicken recipe.
  • Completely energised by newness – new friends, new clients, new places, new plans, new ideas – that is all on the horizon.


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