Does Dietlicious Work?


If there’s a healthy shortcut that makes it easy to eat well, then I want to know more!

Enter Dietlicious, a gourmet home delivery service that is plating up nutritious portion-controlled meals. Made from fresh, locally-sourced ingredients and free from additives and preservatives, they deliver straight to your door so you can spend less time in the kitchen yet still eat well. Now, that’s my kind of outsourcing!



To get the low-down on Dietlicious, one of Checks and Spots’ readers, Sarah, put her hand up to roadtest their 5-Day High Energy Cleanse. This is what she said:

“I have always been intrigued by health and wellbeing programs, and Dietlicious was a program I considered often but I was unsure whether it would be worth my hard earned dollars. After trying the 5 Day High Energy Cleanse, I can say with much confidence, it’s more than worth it! I was definitely nervous about giving up caffeine, my earl grey teas and alcohol and I found I struggled with the latter two (especially as it was over a weekend) but I just had to keep thinking of the end result.

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The thought of a cleanse can be quite daunting, but it’s just about clearing out the toxins that may have built up within your body to give your organs a chance to regenerate and work even better post cleanse. I have always wanted to do one, so you can imagine my excitement when I came home to find a gigantic white box sitting on my doorstep, I couldn’t wait to get inside and unpack everything. Inside was 5 plastic bags labelled Day 1 – 5, each bag with all 3 meals for the day including snacks. Along with this, there was a big box with all my greens and vegetables and another box with my fruit for the week. I had a quick look at the menu, which had each of my meals planned out for the next 5 days – one less thing to worry about! There were instructions for each dish which made it super easy and quick to get meals ready – I think the longest one took ten minutes!


Day One was clear sailing, my GF toast with hummus and tomato was so easy to prepare and I didn’t have to worry about portion sizes. Mid morning I had a watermelon, mint and Acai smoothie, followed by a chicken tagine with quinoa for lunch. If that wasn’t enough my afternoon snack of ginger tea, with a pear and nuts got me through till my evening meal of Thai red curry with tofu and stir fry vegetables.

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Each day was a similar routine to this and the only meal I had to repeat was my hummus and tomato GF toast in the mornings (which I didn’t mind at all!) I never felt hungry for the 5 days, but I did develop cravings for food that I would usually eat whilst at work, it definitely tested my self discipline. After Day 3 I could feel a noticeable difference in my energy levels, I felt ‘cleaner’, I was waking up in the morning much more fresh and alive (perhaps the lack of alcohol the night before!). I have quite a sensitive digestive system and from Days 2-5 and even afterwards I noticed a big change.

As all the meals arrive frozen, I was a little sceptical about how they would taste once reheated. Everything still had a lot of flavour, there was a little bit of water in the base of some dishes but I guess that’s to be expected. Overall, it was a great experience and I would definitely try it again – but go for 10 days! ”

You can check out all of Dietlicious’ plans, including Gluten Free, Vegetarian, Calorie Kickstarter and Sugar Free, over here.


The Fine Print: Dietlicious provided one 5 Day High Energy Cleanse for Sarah to review on behalf of Checks and Spots // All reviews of brands, products and experiences on Checks and Spots are genuine and honest opinion. 
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