The Days of Our Lives: Chloe Brookman, Olli Ella

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This week, I’d love to introduce you to Chloe Brookman, one half of the creative team behind Olli Ella and mother of two beautiful boys, Tennyson and Arlo.

Olli Ella started four years ago almost by chance! Chloe was pregnant with her first child and upon finding a dearth of options when it came to contemporary nursing chairs, she and her sister, Olivia, decided to design and have one made locally in London. Fast forward to four years on and Olli Ella has a loyal following with a collection of homewares that run the gamut from nursery décor to rugs, soft goods, and bedding that are sold world-wide.

This is a day in Chloe’s life…

Chloe Brookman, Olli Ella

One thing I love about juggling motherhood and running a business is that no two days are ever alike. Here’s a snapshot of a day from last week.


6.00 am

Woken by a foot in my face, a foot that belongs to our 2.5 year old, Arlo. We will usually lie in bed, have a chat, while my hubby, Charlie, will cling to the last few minutes of sleep.


6:15 am

Joined in bed by our eldest little boy, Tennyson. Charlie is jumped on and given a proper “wake-up” by the boys while I check emails and instagram.


7.00 am

We all head downstairs. Charlie makes breakfast and coffee, I sit at the table with the boys and we have a chat about whatever they want to talk about. Charlie joins us and we all hang out while we eat, followed by the boys pouring out of the kitchen and running around the house, leaving a trail of breakfast crumbs and toys in their wake.


8.00 am

Charlie makes the boys lunch while I get them and me dressed.


8.15 am

We all leave the house, Charlie goes to work and I take the boys to school. Arlo goes to nursery three days a week, on the other days we spend the day together either at the beach or a local park with friends.


9.15 am

With the boys at school, I take the dog on a coastal walk from Bronte to Bondi, and sometimes take a yoga class by the sea if I have time.


10.15 am

Head to the office and respond to emails/ phone calls.


11.00 am

Finalise some designs for new products set to launch early next year, send them off to our factory.


12.00 pm

Assign items for our Christmas sale, speak with web team.


1.00 pm

If it’s spring or summer I will sneak off for 45 mins for a swim in the sea. Today it was warm so I swam.


2.45 pm

Leave to collect the boys (packing my bag full of snacks first because lord help me if I show up without ample boy-fuel!)


3.30 pm

With the boys en-tow we will usually go to the beach (are you seeing a theme here?) for an hour or two before heading home. I find that they need that wind down time after a day at school and the beach is the perfect place for us to loosen up and catch our breath.


5.00 pm

We play, do some colouring in, just behave like giant goofs until someone gets hurt/starts to show signs of tiredness.


5.30 pm

I pop on cartoons, pop my feet up with them for 10 minutes before starting to prepare dinner.


6.15 pm

Charlie comes home and we all eat together. We always go around the table and list out the things that made us happy that day, and the things that made us sad.


6.45 pm

Bath time. The boys practice going under water and negotiate tub real estate. Charlie baths them while I clean up from dinner and get their pj’s ready.


7.15 pm

We all snuggle up in Tennyson and Arlo’s playroom and read a few stories, followed by a horsey ride into their beds.


8:00 pm

Charlie and I get cosy, unwind, chat about the day and then will watch a movie. There are usually one or two nights a week where I have to work as we have an office in the UK, and on those nights I usually join Charlie on the sofa at around 9.30/10PM


10.00 pm

I usually secretly pass out on the sofa, and if woken, pretend that I was never asleep in the first place, just “resting my eyes’.


11.00 pm



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