What I Learnt From Clare Bowditch…

Clare Bowditch Big Hearted Business

Yesterday I spent the morning at the Big Hearted Business Morning Tea.  Over tea and biscuits, Clare Bowditch shared her insights into building a creative career and living the life you yearn for.

Here’s five nuggets I took home and thought you might be interested in:

  • Clare shared this quote by author, Daniel Pink, which I really loved: “The source of creativity is to be vulnerable.”
  • She talked a lot about having a Big Fat Dream and how you need to dig deep to define and realise it. Rather than getting stuck by what’s stopping you getting there, you need to focus on consistent small actions.
  • Another person Clare recommended checking out was creativity expert, Ken Robinson and his TED talks.
  • You know those jobs that just don’t feel like the right fit with what you truly love doing? Well, Clare suggested calling them part of ‘your apprenticeship’ and giving yourself permission to try different things. Then, sooner or later, there comes a point in every career where you need to take a huge courageous risk.
  • And lastly, when you’re growing a creative career or business you simply can’t do it all on your own. You need to find ‘your people’ who share the same passion. This insight actually reminded me of a quote I read last week in Winning Without Losing – ‘To accomplish something significant we have to allow our own energy to interact with the energy of others.’


Photographer: Georges Antoni via Big Hearted Business
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