How to Stop the Sugar Rush Without Stopping Sugar

When I did the Eat Fit Food program, I noticed they had a sneak go –  they added a smidgen of cinnamon to the yogurt that you were supposed to eat with fruit salad . I thought it was to simply make the yogurt less tart.

But after a bit of research, I discovered it’s not just about taste. Researches at Malmo University Hospital in Sweden have found that cinnamon helps temper the blood sugar surge that follows a sweet treat.

The USDA’s Nutrient Requirements and Functions Laboratory also shows in its research that cinnamon powder or cinnamon sticks contain the active components, while cinnamon oil does not.

While there is currently a lot of hype about a sugar-free diet, the idea of completely ditching a whole food group (like fruit) really doesn’t sit well with me.  I don’t want to feel like the list of foods to avoid is longer than the list of what I can have. So, the concept of including a little cinnamon when eating fruit is perfect. It’s all about more is more – which should always apply to the good things in life!

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