Changing Tack

Image: kirchnerbk

Last night, mum and I went to yoga. Usually the class is held in old stables, but since it was such a warm, mellow evening, we took our mats to the park outside and held our class there.

Im a pretty late yoga convert because I always thought that if you don’t get a serious sweat up, then it doesn’t count as exercise. Little did I know though, these sessions would be just as much about exercising my soul. As we stretched in the soft dusk air, I felt my whole being lengthen and relax.

Gina, our Instructor, said two things that I’m going to carry with me today. The first, was to quieten your mind. I often find that busy days bring with them a flurry of anxious energy. But today I’m placing my feet firmly on the ground and claiming a calm quiet.

The other thing was to truly open your heart. I like to think I’m a loving person, but to be mindful of opening my heart to every person and every situation that comes my way is different – and something I am going to try and do.

Two little thoughts. One new approach to my day. Want to join me in changing tack?

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