Celebrate Health

Celebrate Health


You don’t usually associate supermarkets with real food…or real heart.  But Celebrate Health, is one renegade range which is doing things differently on the shelves of your local Coles.

Catering for folks with food allergies and intolerances, as well as those who simply want a clean and healthy meal, Celebrate Health includes 13 products that range from quinoa, lentils, spices, stock and sauces. Not only is Celebrate Health gluten and dairy free, it’s also low in sugar and fructose, and most importantly – tasty!

To find out more about what makes Celebrate Health tick, I caught up with one of it’s co-founders, Charlie Goldsmith.

I created Celebrate Health when… I discovered my food intolerances. When I changed my diet, my whole life improved. I had been depressed and overweight for a long time. After this improvement, I had a lot of people ask me for help and I learned so much through this. I could see a need for healthier options in the supermarket that would support people struggling to find good, clean food.

Three words that describe Celebrate Health are… Food with Heart

Celebrate Health is different because… we create suitable options for people who have food sensitivities and for people who want to be healthy. We are completely transparent with our ingredients so you know exactly what you’re putting in your body. We’re focussed on our customers, not our bottom line.

At the moment, I’m inspired by… everyone! People who are doing well inspire me to do better, and people who are struggling inspire me to keep going in the tough times.

I’m really passionate about... my health. I’m also passionate about bettering myself. I do my best to acknowledge what’s holding me back, and overcome it.

I think that the one small change that will have the biggest impact on your health is… the decision to feel good.

I’m currently saying yes to... oats

My guilty pleasure is… not having guilty pleasures.

I wish more people knew… how good it feels to be healthy, and how much easier it makes life.

My golden rule is… to do my best


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