Become Idea Prone

I often return to a book I read a few years ago called How to Get Ideas by Jack Foster. I have highlighted, dog-eared and marked many of its pages. One section that often calls out my name demands that you get out of your rut.

Although no one likes to admit it, it is easy to do the same things the same way. You know – eat the same thing for breakfast, dress the way you have always dressed, drive to work the same way listening to the same radio station, get your coffee from the same place at the same time, read the same sections of the newspaper…and on it goes.

“Because you’re in a rut, every day your five senses are recording the same things they recorded yesterday – the same sights, the same feelings, the same smells, the same sounds, the same tastes…But please, today, do something. Something different, something that will get you off dead center, something that will start you in a different direction, something the will get you out of your rut,” says Foster.

So today I did just that. Alfie and I took a different route on our morning walk to the shops and along the way we spied this:

This little piece of guerrilla knitting was a perfect reminder, if ever I needed it, that it always pays to take the road less traveled.

What will you do differently today?
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