A Letter To My Girl

Darling girl, you have just turned six months. You have little round thighs that I want to bite and always greet the morning exactly the same way – with a flap of your arms and a grin. I hope this never changes, although I know it will.

There will be grey, heavy days which you think don’t warrant a smile. And there will be times when you stand in front of the mirror pinching your thighs and wishing you were something else. But my greatest hope is that you never wish you were somebody else.

May you grow to be kind, resiliant and fearless. May you love and be loved. I wish you contentment and the courage to not give two hoots what other people think  – something that is always easier said than done!

I hope you are honest and passionate. That you stand up for yourself, are quick to laugh and have a peaceful soul.

And above all else…I hope that you are happy. Because your happiness is my happiness.

I love you with my everything.


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