6 Tips for Drinking Green Smoothies Through Winter


You already know I’m a green smoothie girl, but now that winter is on its way, my favourite cool and refreshing smoothies of summer seem pretty unappealing. And for good reason too – our bodies require different things from us in different seasons.

As soon as the temperature drops, our appetite often goes up for high-calorie, high-carb foods (like stews, mashed potato, pasta) as these dishes make us feel warm and cozy. But, with all sniffles and coughs that come with winter, this is precisely the time we need to give our bodies a big nutrient hit from a green smoothie.

So before you pack your blender away, here are some tips for sticking with green smoothies when the going gets cold:

  1. Don’t shock your digestive system by starting your day with a green smoothie. Instead, kick things off with warm water and lemon and then have your smoothie.
  2. Make sure your smoothie is room temperature. Ditch the ice and if using frozen fruit, leave your smoothie to rest on the bench until it’s no longer freezing cold.
  3. Chew your smoothie. This sounds gross but it helps to warm it up by mixing it with your saliva and also slows down the rate at which it hits your stomach.
  4. Stick with seasonal fruit and vegetables like kale, silver beet, apple, pear and kiwi fruit as these resonate with your body in winter.
  5. Add warming spices like ginger, cayenne pepper and cinnamon.
  6. Go nutty and use almond milk, throw in a handful of nuts or add a scoop of coconut oil which will provide your body with the protein and good fats it needs to stay warm. 

And if all else fails, you could always make your liquid meal a green soup instead!


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Photographer: Fiona Storey // Stylist: Vicki Valsamis 
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