4 Fruit Sparkling Water Recipes + SodaStream Giveaway {Closed}



My first ever sleep over was at my friend Kate’s house. She lived with her mum who made us French toast to eat in bed. They also had a SodaStream which I thought was very exotic. You mean you have bubbles on tap? I couldn’t believe that such a marverlous thing existed!




Fast forward a few decades (!!)  and I’ve recently been reintroduced to SodaStream. Over the last few weeks, I’ve been using the SodaStream Play to give ordinary tap water some bubbles!

Designed by renowned European product designer, Yves Béhar, the SodaStream Play features a new ‘auto-lift’ slider that makes carbonating drinks quick, simple and super easy. It’s also a great way to skip the salt content that can be found in pre-packaged soda or mineral water. Plus, creating drinks with SodaStream Play helps your household reduce its carbon footprint and the amount of landfill it produces.

If you want to flavour your sparkling water, you can use one of SodaStream’s 50 flavour pods, or add your favourite fruits and herbs. To get you started, I thought I’d share four fruit sparkling water recipes that have been on high rotation at my place.


 4 Fruit Sparkling Water Recipes


Orange and Blueberry Infused Sparkling Water // Pineapple, Ginger and Mint Infused Sparkling Water


Ruby Grapefruit and Rosemary Infused Sparkling Water // Kiwi Fruit and Raspberry Infused Sparkling Water

Win a SodaStream Play!

To share the love, I’m giving away one SodaStream Play (valued at $99). All you have to do to enter is:

  1. Become a Checks and Spots subscriber (if you’re not already!)
  2. Leave a comment below sharing what flavour sparkling water you’d create with your SodaStream Play.

You have until 10pm 25 June 2015 to enter. Good luck!

Edit: Many thanks to everyone who has entered this giveaway! Congratulations to our winner, Elisabeth Martins. Stay tuned for more giveaways and fun times!

Competition Fine Print:  Competition open to Australian readers only.  This is a game of skill. The winner will be decided by Checks and Spots. Winners announced on Checks and Spots on Friday 26 June 2015 and contacted via email. Prize is not transferable. 
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  • Amy Allan

    Hi Clare, I would create an immune boosting infused water, as I have been battling the winter bugs this year! My sparkling water would include thin orange slices for vitamin C, cinnamon sticks to regulate blood sugar, and vanilla bean for it’s properties (and taste!). Best enjoyed in the sun for some vitamin D.

  • Matthew James

    I would make a nice Ginger, lemon and mint, nice and refreshing to relax in the garden.

  • arcticaudrey

    Cucumber, lemon, orange and mint. it’s a perfect cure for that terrible, hard to shift belly bloat that everyone can succumb to over time!

  • noomby

    Passion fruit

  • bubble936

    Cucumber and Mint infused sparkling water would be perfect for summers .

    Ginger,black pepper & honey infused sparkling water would be perfect for winters…

  • Annie

    Lime and Kiwifruit would be a refreshing blend!

  • Kirsten W

    Green Mango Fizz. The taste of my favourite summer fruit combined with green tea benefits!

  • Sharon Markwell

    Wacky Watermelon would be my flavour sensation and it will add zest to anyone’s life. Thanks SodaStream.

  • Donna Dwyer

    Ginger and cardamom – spicy, exotic and delicious!!

  • di

    coconut pineapple and ginger fresh and bitey very refreshing

  • Elisabeth Martins

    I would like to create a “tropical storm” which would include pineapple, coconut, strawberries, dragonfruit and blood orange 🙂

  • Jim Riddle

    Strawberry, and passionfruit

  • Dianne Muller

    I would make it health tumeric , lime and ginger and mint leaves

  • Jean Rutherford

    Lemon and Lime infusion – We have a plentiful supply growing in the garden

  • Tamara Lamb

    I love raspberry and apple! Very refreshing 😀

  • Amanda Bartlett

    Elderflower and passion fruit the perfect refreshing summer combination to cool you down on a hot day!

  • Kate

    Lemon and Mint with lots of ice.

  • Catherine

    Pomegranate and apple

  • Daniel Gardner

    Ginger and mint sounds like it could fool my body into thinking it was having a Mojito.

  • Becky Palmer

    Mock champagne punch, with mineral water, chilled ginger ale, and chilled white grape juice. Yum!

  • Jade o

    Mango and basil lemonade. It would be especially refreshing during the hot summer months!

  • Laura Scriven

    I like Mount Franklin’s Sparkling Berry Flavour,
    Making at home would be a real saver!
    Mixed berries floating around,
    And for my health it’s sound!

  • Leanne White

    I’ve always wanted to create a this refreshing sparking water but have never tried. It sounds so delish it will be sooner than later….Borage, lemon & cucumber!

  • Tracy

    Mint and lime. Tropical and delicious…could also be dangerous on a weekend with a touch of Bacardi!!!

  • Judith Senese

    Something with fresh strawberries and ice on a hot summers day

  • Joanne Emery

    Strawberries, lime and coconut water – yum!

  • kerrie2809

    Sparkling Cherry and coconut flavoured perfect on a hot summers day.

  • Lorna M

    Orange infused with goji berries and mint leaves. Refreshing!

  • Lucy Pote

    ooo Probably a mint and grapefruit 😀 Soo good, ever in winter!

  • Lucy Pote

    ooo Probably a mint and grapefruit 😀 Soo good, ever in winter!

  • Julia Morton

    lemon, strawberries and lime for a fruity concoction to give me a flavoursome lift and quench my thirst.

  • Julia Morton

    lemon, strawberries and lime for a fruity concoction to give me a flavoursome lift and quench my thirst.

  • Katherine Chiu

    An alcoholic sparkling water containing strawberries and strawberry puree and champagne

  • Louise

    Homemade ginger beer!

  • Judith Missen

    Lemon mint – always refreshing.

  • Vera

    I’d love to try Persimmon with a pinch of Cinnamon. It has a very short season which you have to take advantage of any way you can.

  • Georgie Hill

    It would have to be watermelon and mint – I’d be transported to a beautiful Summer’s day with every glass.

  • dhanya samuel

    I am usually a lemon soda girl but recently I discovered lychees and that’s the flavor I will create with this Soda Stream

  • Kristy Winters

    Raspberry and strawberry …..I’m not very creative with taste combinations I’m better at following receipes

  • Maria Stringer

    Honeydew, very smooth and sweet

  • Melissa

    Mine would have to be cucumber and mint. Perfect on a hot summer’s day!

  • Courtney

    Pineapple and mint refreshing and peppy! All the qualities in a drink you need.

  • Bec Francis

    passion fruit and mango

  • Belinda Bee

    Bubbly Berry bonanza! boysenberries, raspberries and snozberries (I’m kidding!) strawberries with a fresh stevia leaf for some natural sweetness! 🙂

  • Karina Lee

    Lime, mint and pomegranate! An explosion of fizziness and flavour in your mouth!

  • Sheree Pallis

    Blueberries with sage sounds SODAlicious,
    Adding some fizz yet still nutritious.
    Who said healthy must mean boring,
    If it’s SodaStream Play I’m pouring.

  • LilMiss Kibby

    apple watermelon and mint! very refreshing and just the right amount of sweetness <3

  • Crankycaroline

    I love to try kiwi and pineapple, with a blueberry kick. YUM Caroline Hannessen (Subscribed)

  • Cathy H

    Watermelon Cherry Pop! (Pop is for the splash of colour!)

  • Isobel Brown

    Chilli, Mandarin and Raspberries.

  • Clinton M

    They say summer bodies are made in winter so that totally means I should create summer soda drinks as inspiration! A mango and banana sparkling water would be nutritious, delicious, adventurous and internally warming (by imagining sipping it on a quant beach!)!

  • Natasha Andrews

    Raspberries and mint is my favourite 🙂

  • Beksmum

    Strawberry fizz would be awesome for the kids (and a touch of vodka for the mums)

  • Kylie C

    Blood orange and grapefruit i like my fizz citrusy

  • Mary

    Cherry/Lime will suit me fine
    I’d love to play and create all day
    SodaStream Play for me hooray

  • Helen Bennett

    My Grandchildren love color! Any bubbly drink with bright berries bobbing about would be a big hit! I think we’d start with a raspberry and strawberry cocktail.

  • Russ

    Cucumber, mint and basil soda would be a super refreshing way to use herbs from our garden

  • Jean B

    Sparkling mango and pineapple–divine.

  • Tamanna Neelam Duggal

    ice cold sparkling rosé wine or Blackberry Sage Sparkling Spa Water

  • Bet Hogan

    Lime, lemon and tangerine. Adding some mint 🙂

  • Kylie Baker

    Rose water delight

  • Joselle Griffin

    A dash of Pimms, mint and apricot nectar.

  • theoniversace

    Mango and passion fruit!

  • shewanders xo

    I would love to have a refreshing watermelon, strawberry and mint combination! So delicious, refreshing and healthy.

  • Lily

    Lychee with lime peel. Delicious and fresh!

  • Sarah Morrison

    Pineapple and blueberry

  • Helena Leung

    I love peppermint tea, but on a hot day, I wonder if I could make bubbly mint tea?! Has it been done before? Does it taste any good? Someone should try it out…refreshing bubbly tea drinks!

  • tizz lipp

    I love peach and a touch of mandarine.

  • Tammy Clarke

    I like Ve simply lemon so fresh.