365 Days

Image: Butaho

One year ago today, I started Checks and Spots.

At the time our little boy was only four months-old and I was struggling to shake ‘the fog’. Everyone said, ‘Hang in there until he is 12 weeks old and it will all click into place.’ But 12 weeks came and passed and I still couldn’t tell my arse from my elbow! So I decided to do something just for me and start writing.

So, happy birthday to me! And thank you to you for reading. To begin with I had a grand audience of two – my mum and husband! But as the days and months have rolled by, I have made such amazing friends from near and far.

When I started out, I never imagined that this chronicle of all the things that make me look twice would bring such rich opportunities and even a career sea change.

Thanks for coming along for the ride….it means the world having you here.
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