16 Songs That Are The Soundtrack To My Life


Music and memory are often tied together. Like flipping through a photo album, hearing a song can take me straight back to a past moment.

Here’s 16 songs, albums and sountracks that bring back some of my strongest memories:  

  1. I was probably five years old when mum spun me around the kitchen to this.
  2. My brothers and I squished in the back of the car on family trips with Billy Joel on repeat.
  3. Track one on my first mix tape –  Rick Astley of course!
  4. Mega crush on Diesel at my first concert.
  5. Year Seven school formal and I sat there all night with no one asking me to dance. The following day, Dad took me shopping and to see Sister Act – it made everything feel ok.
  6. Thirteen years old, first heartbreak and a friend said, ‘Don’t worry. One day you’ll walk down the aisle in the November Rain wedding dress!’
  7. Being comforted by mum after one of my closest friends left me in her wake. This was on the radio.
  8. I was a bit of a dork so Year 12 was spent with my head in the books. This Whitlams song was always on the radio during that year.
  9. At the end of my first proper relationship, I wore The Avalanches CD out.
  10. When I was 21 I went to Byron Bay for a two week holiday and ended up staying. Every night at dusk, we’d drag the decks outside and have a few beers. This Rick James song always reminds me of those seriously golden days.
  11. The first time I spotted my fella, Groovejet was playing and he was busting out some fairly lairy moves!
  12.  Fake fur, eyeliner and everything seemed all glittery when we danced to Lazy.
  13. I walked down the aisle to Nina Simone then for our first dance I matched his lairy moves with some equally lairy ones of my own!
  14. When Alfie was six weeks old, a lady at the market asked me what his name was. She then belted out (at the top of her voice) the most brilliant version of this.
  15. I was driving in the car and Ungirthed was on when I received the news that one of my dearest friends had just had a little girl. It was exactly a year to the day that I had miscarried our baby. My heart seizes when I hear this song. But it’s also my strongest reminder of the fragile circle of life.
  16. Whenever Mabel hears Major Lazor she is guaranteed to start dancing. I can only imagine what she’s going to be like when she’s 16!

What songs are the soundtrack to your life?

Image by Cuba Gallery via Four Walls and a Roof
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