The Days of Our Lives: Lina Shigemitsu, Lina Bada Candles

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This week, I’d love to introduce you to Lina Shigemitsu, a Sydney-based perfumer, landscape architect and founder of Lina Bada candles.

Lina’s candles are created from soy, coconut wax and essential oils. Drawing on her background as a landscape architect, she strives to connect fragrance with the small fragments of time that she lovingly associates with the gardens she has both created and been inspired by. At the core of Lina Bada is a powerful desire to fuse art, science and scent in ways that will bring balance and tranquility to one’s environment and ultimately, their heart.

This is a day in Lina’s life…

Linda Shigemitsu, Founder Lina Bada candles

7.00 am

Woken up by my alarm, but I usually hit snooze and try and drift back to sleep. The day doesn’t feel right unless I’ve had a moment to recall my dream. If the dream was positive and providing I can remember it,  I find that sets off my day in the right direction. Once I’m awake I’ll sit on the bed and do some yoga stretches…splits or pigeon pose, if my body allows, before a petite breakfast.

9.00 am

I dive straight into the day and check emails, while making myself the first coffee of the day.

9:30 am -1.00 pm

Depending on what I’ve planned the night before, I’ll either start on one of two tasks, landscape design or perfume experimenting. Creativity often takes place at night amidst silence but I also need to catch up on it during the day. As a Landscape Architect, designing Landscapes/Gardens involves sketching, drawing plans, sections and perspectives, all of which requires a lot of research.  If I’m working Lina Bada, then I’ll be mixing fragrances & experimenting with scents for new perfumes and candles. In between tasks,  I’m replying to or following up stockists and dispatching orders. 

Somewhere in there I try and squeeze in a 10min break for lunch, otherwise I usually forget to eat, that is unless I have a lunch appointment. 

1.00 pm

Nap time. Napping for at least 15min, but no more than 30 min is scientifically proven to maintain focus and health …so I don’t forget to do this.

2.00 pm

Yoga (if I remember), I like to relax my consciences and I find it helps maintain focus for the rest of the day.

3.00 pm

With a clear mind I find creative thinking is more focused and my work flow is more productive. If can’t manage Yoga, then sometimes I go out for a drive. For me it’s another form of meditation. It is also proven that while driving, your brain reaches a state of mental relaxation and you become more prone to the flow of ideas. It’s 3pm, so I obviously avoid areas where there are schools or other mid-afternoon traffic snarls, gridlock isn’t relaxing 😉

4.00 – 6.00 pm 

Back to work. I’ll finish off whatever needs to be completed for the day.

7.00 pm


9.00 – 11.00 pm

This is the best time for research, I find I can really dig into a subject. If I’m not researching, then I’ll relax with a book or I might be answering emails from international stockists, who are now coming online. I also like to revise my work load for the following day and revisit my weekly and monthly objectives during this hour.

11.00 pm

Roll into bed 

You can stay in touch with all that’s happening at Lina Bada by following them on Facebook or Instagram

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