The Block Kitchen Trends To Put On Your Radar


Jess and Ayden’s winning kitchen.


Ahead of their reveal, The Good Guys Kitchens and Shaynna Blaze took me through each of the apartments on The Block Triple Threat. Getting up close and personal with these spaces was a very different experience to seeing them on the telly. I got a much truer sense of proportions and finishes. Plus, Shaynna was incredibly generous with sharing her knowledge of the big trends in kitchen design and how these have been brought into each apartment. Here’s what I learnt from my night on The Block!


 The Block Kitchen Trends: Finishes

the-block-triple-threat-kitchen-trends-9 Tim and Anastasia opted for striking matte black cabinetry and contrasting gloss benchtops.
the-block-triple-threat-kitchen-trends-8Contrasting textures in Josh and Charlotte’s subtle kitchen.


While all the apartments stuck to a very neutral palette of black, white and shades of grey, visual interest was created through the use of contrasting finishes. Whether it was the combination of matte and gloss surfaces or by bringing in the warmth of timber to an otherwise streamlined kitchen, incorporating different textures is a modern way of giving a space personality.



Dea and Darren’s Silestone bench top presented a fresh take on marble.

For a while now, marble has been big news in interiors. While we’re used to seeing marble in cooler tones, Dea and Darren showed an entirely new approach.  They opted for a Silestone quartz counter that actually had golden hues running through it. I loved the originality of this approach and the way it worked back with the timber they also incorporated into their kitchen design.


The Block Kitchen Trends: Appliances


Josh and Charlotte included both gas and induction cooktops in their kitchen.


As far as appliances go, these apartments are definitely ahead of the curve. Sure, double ovens were standard issue, but Josh and Charlotte took it one step further by doubling up the cooktops and installing both gas and induction. Shaynna said that the technology behind induction cooking has really evolved in recent years. In fact, she’s put it in at her place! “They provide fast and efficient heat by supplying field based magnetic heating directly to the pan,” added Julie Hanover, kitchen designer at The Good Guys. “Dishware can [also] be set across the entire surface.”

Dea and Darren’s kitchen featured Bosch appliances that will be instore later this year.


Dea and Darren’s kitchen featured Bosch appliances that won’t be available in Australia until the middle of the year. By harnessing smart phone technology, these appliances are set to change how we cook and will make baking the perfect roast or lightest, fluffiest sponge a cinch…. for even the worst cook!


The Block Kitchen Trends: Cabinetry


Jess and Ayden updated traditional shaker style cabinetry in their kitchen design.


 Tim and Anastasia achieved a sleek, streamlined look by ditching handles and choosing push-touch cabinetry instead.


Cabinetry details in Jess and Ayden’s kitchen.


While most of the apartments opted for streamlined, push-touch cabinetry; Jess and Ayden worked with The Good Guys Kitchens to present a modern approach on the enduringly popular shaker style. By sticking to a contemporary hue like grey and selecting streamlined metal handles, they made a traditional style feel fresh.  I think it was also a big part of why their kitchen felt so welcoming, warm and ready to be lived in.


What was your favourite kitchen on The Block Triple Threat? I surprised myself by picking Jess and Ayden’s as my fave!

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