Sonos PLAY:1 Review and The Soundtrack To Our Home

sonos-play1-review sonos-play1-review

Disclosure: I was provided with the Sonos PLAY:1 to review.


Any time, any day, there’s always music on at our place.

In fact, when we where doing our reno the first thing we decided on was getting Sonos – a smart system of wireless speakers – in the ceiling of our living and dining room. Fast forward a few years and my only regret is that we didn’t get speakers put into our kitchen and ‘the good room’. So, recently I’ve been trying out Sonos Play:1 to see whether it’s a good option for these extra spaces.


What is Sonos PLAY:1?

A small, high quality wireless speaker that lets you stream music through your home Wifi network.



What’s the big deal with the Sonos PLAY:1?

While it’s small on size and price ($329) the PLAY:1 seriously punches above its weight in terms of filing a room with rich, beautiful sound. It also has very handsome proportions which make it ‘shelfie worthy’ rather than the type of technology you want to keep hidden!




Is it Worth the Hype?

In a word – yes!

Usually a drop in size means a drop in sound quality, but this definitely wasn’t the case with the PLAY:1. One speaker easily fills a room with crisp sound. The size of the speakers also means it’s easy to shift them around and use the PLAY:1 in any room – or even the backyard.

Setting up and using the PLAY:1 is super straightforward and doesn’t require an electrician to come and do any wiring work or a geek to show you the ropes! All you need is a Wifi connection, a powerpoint to plug the speaker into and the free Sonos app to manage your music. Once you’re up and running, you can access a stack of streaming services like Spotify, MOG and Songl, listen to more than 100,000 free internet radio stations and podcasts or play tunes that are on your computer.

And the best bit? If you have multiple speakers you can play a different song in a different room – at the same time. It’s this versatility that means the soundtrack to our home on the PLAY:1 sounds a little like this…




The Soundtrack to our Home

Monday 7:18 am 

In an attempt to the temper the craziness of our morning rush, I stream a bit of Nils Frahm from my computer to the PLAY:1 in our kitchen.


Tuesday 4:52 pm

Mabel pipes up with two song requests – the Dora the Explorer theme song and anything about butterflies! I search MOG for the later and come up with this classic which takes me back…way back!


Wednesday 10:27 pm

Everyone is asleep. The house is still. I’m pottering in the kitchen getting ready for tomorrow’s shoot and listening to a Tim Ferris Show podcast.


Thursday 5:42 pm

Cutting up the veggies for dinner and the tears creep in. I miss my grandmother with my whole heart so, I listen to my little playlist of songs that make her feel closer.

  • Dancing Queen, ABBA – because that’s what she called Mabel.
  • Spanish Harlem, Ben E. King – the song my mum, brother and grandmother sung together when she was in hospital.
  • Into My Arms, Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds – I would tell my grandmother that her beloved was singing these words to her.


Friday 6:52 pm

The end of the week calls for bubbles and streaming my fave soul internet radio station (181.5 FM).


Saturday 9:32 am

I turn up Leon Bridges‘ new album o make cleaning the house bearable!


Sunday 6:32 pm

To wrangle the kids into helping put away their toys, they each pick a song and we all tidy up until the music stops. Mabel’s pick – Bubble Butt (Don’t ask!) Alfie’s choice – Recess so he can do some robot moves while he packs up!


 Have you tried Sonos? What’s the soundtrack to your home?

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