Neale Whitaker’s Laundry Renovation Tips



A laundry is the one room in the house you probably want to spend the least amount of time in! But when renovating, it pays to think about how you can create a space with form and function – because it is possible to have both.

To give us the lowdown on his laundry renovation tips, I recently caught up with Neale Whitaker, judge on The Block and Ambassador for quartz surface specialists, Cosentino:

  1. Laundries should take stylistic cues from the kitchen or bathroom. If you’re looking to mix things up in the laundry, be sure to use your kitchen or bathroom for inspiration in terms of tile choice, surfaces and colour palette.
  2. Functionality is king. With so much always happening in the laundry, functionality needs to be at the centre of your design plan. Aesthetics are important but purpose is the primary consideration. Nobody says it shouldn’t look good but the laundry is a hard-working room!
  3. Think of your storage needs. When designing your laundry it’s important to be realistic about your storage needs. On The Block, Kingi and Caro have definitely thought about this in their design with both short and long cupboards in their space.
  4. Neutral palettes are the safest option. Your laundry needs longevity and durability, so neutral palettes are generally the best option.
  5. Non-porous surfaces are your best friend in the laundry. As the laundry is a high traffic and wet space, non-porous surfaces are a must. Cosentino’s Silestone range is a great option as it offers durability against water damage, stains, heat, even knocks and scratches.


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