How To Hang Artwork at Home Like a Pro

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You’ve found the perfect piece of artwork for that bare wall, but before you start bashing in a hook and hoping you’ve got it straight, let’s catch up with The Artwork Stylist for their super handy tips on how to hang artwork like a pro.

The Artwork Stylist is an exciting concept that has two entrepreneurial, creative and savvy sisters, Amy and Sarah Chamberlain, behind it.  Offering a range of art that is exclusive and limited in production (only 50 existing prints of each work), The Artwork Stylist presents gallery quality art, framed and ready to hand – online. So, if anyone is going to be able to tell us how to hang artwork (so we don’t screw it up!) it’s Amy and Sara.




How To Hang a Single Piece of Artwork

The Artwork Stylist breaks it down in three easy steps:

1 ) Ensure you are aware of the centre of the space

This may or may not represent the centre of the actual wall. Doors that are left open, dominating pieces of furniture or windows may break up the room so look for the middle of the space that is left clear by these interruptions


2) Select your picture height

Here are a few rules we work to:

  • A sideboard that is 80cm high should have a gap of approximately 25cm above it before you hang your artwork.
  • An artwork that is 80cm in height should hang approximately 120cm from the ground.
  • Art hung over a piece of furniture should sit about a third of the combined height of the furniture above that piece.
  • Artwork hang over the floor only should be in proportion to the size of the piece – smaller pieces should never be higher than 1.5 the height of the piece from the ground.
  • If in doubt, and you want to keep it simple, artwork is always best to be hanging at eye-level.


3) Use Appropriate Hooks for your Artwork and Walls.

Old cement walls can crumble so ensure they are stable enough for cement hooks. If you aren’t sure and don’t want to risk it, consider leaning your artwork on a console instead – like we’ve done here.

how-to-hang-artwork-4Also, ensure the hooks you select will support the weight of your artwork. For example, if you have a piece of art that weighs 8kg, you will want to have at least two hooks in your wall that will support a minimum of 5kg per hook. And lastly, heavy artwork should generally have D-links at the back for hanging. This will require exact measurements for placement of your hooks.

How to Create an Arrangement of More Than One Artwork

The Artwork Stylist have four simple tips for grouping several pieces of art together:

  • If you are hanging a pair side by side, ensure that they both have the same drop at the back. The drop is the height of the string from a single point to the top of the artwork. If the drop is different you will need to have your hooks at different heights on the wall so that the pair will hang evenly next to each other.
  • If you want to have multiple pieces on the same wall it’s all about balance. Whether you are hanging three pieces at the same height or scattering multiple sizes and shapes, always plan what you intend to do and even draw it out on paper so you know that the balance is there and you won’t have to remove hooks from making mistakes.
  • If you have a console or a built-in shelf, consider leaning multiple pieces on it. Have your largest piece at the back and lean a smaller piece in front of it, off to one side. However, be careful not to overcrowd and create clutter. Keep it clean and simple. You can swap these out every so often for different artworks to freshen up your space.
  • If you are going to have a wall of multiple pieces of artwork that are different shapes and sizes, try and use a larger piece amongst smaller ones for higher impact and a more contemporary feel.


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All Images provided by The Artwork Stylist
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