How To Create The Perfect Outdoor Room


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With sunny days and balmy nights on the horizon, spaces that blur the boundary between inside and out are the place to be. Here are my simple and practical tips for creating the perfect outdoor room that you’ll want to relax, read and entertain in all year round.

Get creative with the space you already have. Enclosing a little used carport or patio is a great way to make a second living room or lounge. To find out how this sort of mini reno will make a big difference to your nest, check out Additions Building who know how to get it done quickly and thoroughly so you can enjoy your new outdoor room (with a cocktail in hand!) sooner.

Form and function. Choosing the right furniture is the key to maximising your outdoor room. To create a multi-purpose space, look at how you can configure two distinct zones – one for outdoor dining and one that has more relaxed seating that you’ll want to sink into and stay. An outdoor rug is a clever way to visually separate the two spaces while pieces that are a cinch to move around will help your outdoor room have flexibility. And finally, choose large pieces of furniture in light tones so they don’t overpower your garden view.


Stylish and Private. Depending on how close your outdoor room is to your neighbours, privacy screens or curtains might be an important investment. They’re also a handy way to offer shade while still keeping the space open.

Bring Your Indoor Style Outside. From cushions, furniture and lighting create a space that feels inviting by carrying all the comfort and style of your indoor rooms through to the outdoors. Not only will this give you a visual connection between the two, but it also lends your outdoor room personality.

Entertainer’s Delight. If you prefer spending your time entertaining rather than stuck inside in the kitchen, nothing is more convenient than having a fully-equipped sink, BBQ, and plenty of countertop space in your outdoor room.

Light right. The right lighting can make an outdoor room. If it’s properly lit it will not only be safer, but also feel like an extension of inside rather than a space that has been tacked on. Keep in mind that it’s better to have multiple low-level lights rather than a single, bright bulb that can ‘blind’ the eyes.


Burn Baby Burn! Not only will an outdoor fireplace add ambience and become a focal point for your outdoor room, but it also means you’re more inclined to use the space during the cooler months. If you’re working to a budget, a fire pit that does not need to be built-in is a great option.

Pot Luck. No outdoor room is complete with a touch of greenery. Choose pots with strong lines that show off the plant, rather than the container. And for visual harmony, group pots in similar shapes, but different sizes.

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