Five Top Renovation Trends for 2015


Whether you’re about to embark on a Grand Designs scaled reno, planning on giving your home a little DIY nip and tuck or are just daydreaming about the house you’ll one day buy and renovate,  you’ll want to bookmark, Reno Addict, a new website by the super talented team behind The Interiors Addict.

Reno Addict brings together a top-notch panel of resident experts, including Baz Du BoisCharlie AlboneAlisa & Lysandra FraserJoe Snell and Naomi Findlay the principal of the International Institute of Home Staging, who I recently caught up with to get the low-down on the top five renovation trends for 2015. Take it away, Naomi!


Sustainability and Energy Efficiency

More than ever, sustainability and energy efficiency are on people’s minds. There are so many products and designs on the market to facilitate this and it doesn’t always come with a high price tag either. It could be something as simple as increasing natural light without sacrificing thermal protection or as high end as a completed self-sustaining home.


Kitchens as Multi-Functional Hubs

Gone are the days where kitchens were just for food storage, prep and clean-up. Now we’re looking at kitchen spaces being multi-functional hubs, where we cook, clean, store, entertain, run a home office or have a homework nook. With this in mind, the renovation of spaces including kitchens is being approached very differently. They’re no longer tucked away at the back end of the home and they’re certainly afforded more of the overall footprint of the property. Kitchens, more and more, are getting a larger space allocated to them and often have prime location as this is the room modern Australians are spending the most time in.


Concealment and Disguising

Hiding our wares is certainly something that is on the top trend list for 2015 when it comes to renovating a space. Having the ‘business end’ of many everyday tasks and the tools we need for them behind closed doors is in high demand.

More and more, we are seeing hybrids of the traditional butler’s pantry and bespoke cabinetry concealing sinks, and even cook tops. We’re creating spaces that feel more lifestyle-orientated and less utilitarian, for example bathrooms with vanities that look more like a bespoke chest of drawers than a clinical under-sink storage cupboard.



Using texture and variation across texture is something you’ll see more and more. The notion of matching surfaces and finishes in our spaces and furniture is becoming outdated. More and more, we will see combinations of matte or satin finishes paired with the texture of a great stone or timber, then the finishing of the space with a high gloss element as an accent. Just like we use colours in a primary, secondary and tertiary nature, textures will become used in the same manner.



One of my favourite sayings is ‘without light there is no life’. Custom and accent lighting is finally becoming more mainstream. Renovators are all over the fact that the best renovation, lit poorly, doesn’t shine and sing the song it should. Whether it be outdoor spaces, kitchens, or living spaces, lighting will continue to be more and more heavily featured.


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Illustrations by CRUSCHIFORM
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