The Days of Our Lives: Alex and Elle, Creators of Alex&Elle

This week I’d like to introduce you to Alex and Elle, two Swedish friends who are creating handmade fabric wall art in Melbourne under their label, Alex&Elle.

Having often chatted about pursuing a career they were truly passionate about, Alex and Elle decided they would follow their hearts and start creating original wall art using independent, designer Scandinavian textiles. Not only are these statement works the perfect addition to any interior, they also act as high performance sound reducing pieces that improve ambiance and deliver a better acoustic experience in cafes, restaurants, offices and homes.

This is a day in their life as busy mums and creators of Alex&Elle.


The Daily Routine of Alex and Elle, Creators of Alex&Elle


7.00 am

Wake up and get our 9-year old daughters and 7-year old sons ready for school while checking any overnight emails from Sweden in between making lunch boxes and reminding the kids to pack their school bags.


9.00 am

Drop kids to school and head off to meet up at one of our homes as we still work from home. A situation which suits us most of the time, even though we are looking forward to the day we will have a shop!


9:30 am

Start the workday by going through priorities and daily worries over a cup of tea (Earl Grey) and some knackebrod from Ikea with cheese and cucumber (very Swedish)!


10.00 am

One of us starts measuring up the fabric that needs to be cut for the wall art piece to be made, the other one checks emails, makes phone calls to follow up on orders, deliveries and enquiries. Once the fabric is cut we both lay out the fabric ensuring the design looks perfect. Sometimes we both finish off the piece sometimes we take turns stapling. It takes a lot of measuring and the corners are tricky, an art that Alex has mastered. While we work we chat about those things in life friends do, or we listen to Swedish radio.


12.00 pm

We take turns organizing lunch, each trying to please the other, always followed by a Nespresso latte served with dark chocolate. On a good day we make time for a quick half hour walk along the beach to enjoy the fact that we live in bayside Melbourne.


1.00 pm

We continue where we left off before lunch.


3.00 pm

In no time it’s school pick up time, we clear up the mess on the floor and become 100% mothers again.


6.00 pm

Dinnertime at Alex’s: cooking with fresh ingredients straight from her amazing garden.


6:30 pm

Dinnertime at Elle’s: traditional Swedish cooking with cream and butter.


9.00 pm

Second shift of the day starts, on a good night only for an hour or so. This time we work individually, on newsletters, social media planning, photo editing, sourcing new designs and so on.


11.00 pm

Almost asleep after reading a book or watching a good TV series, quite content with our day being able to do what we love and have time for our families as well.


You can follow Alex&Elle on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter or Linked In.

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