The Days of Our Lives: Sissi Stasios, Salt&Pepper

Daily-routine-sissi-stasios-salt-and-pepper-6 Daily-routine-sissi-stasios-salt-and-pepper-6 Daily-routine-sissi-stasios-salt-and-pepper-6 Daily-routine-sissi-stasios-salt-and-pepper-6

This week, I’d like to introduce you to Sissi Stasios, Head Designer and co-founder of Salt&Pepper, a Melbourne-based homewares brand that has become a local and international success story.

Launched in 1995 by Sissi (the S in Salt) and her brother Harry Pourounidis (Managing Director and the P in Pepper), Salt&Pepper takes a contemporary approach to creating homewares that is founded in the belief that accessories for your home should express your personality in the same way that fashion accessories complement a total outfit.

This is a day in Sissi’s life…


The Daily Routine of Sissi Stasios, Head Design and Co-Founder of Salt&Pepper Homewares

Daily-routine-sissi-stasios-salt-and-pepper-6 Daily-routine-sissi-stasios-salt-and-pepper-6

6.30 am

Each morning I wake up and check my messages to see which of my girlfriends are up for a walk.


7.00 am

I meet up with 2 or 3 of my friends and do the bay walk every morning.


8.00 am

A quick tea in the morning whilst having a quick look through Instagram (both part of my daily ritual), shower and get ready for work.


9.30 am

Arrive at our office and go through emails received over night from suppliers and put out any fires where needed. Also send out a few chasing emails looking for samples, or chasing deliveries for new season ranges.


11.00 am

I sit down with my design team and go through concepts for Summer 2016 collections.  Here I provide them with inspiration boards collected from my travels around the world.  We are inspired by what people are wearing and the latest trends on the runway. We sometimes literally interpret classic patterns, colours and trends that people love to wear into items that can make peoples home look and feel just as fashionable as they are.  The inspiration boards also include images of architecture, cities, spaces plus entertaining traditions from around the world.


12.30 pm

In summer we all sit outside and enjoy our lunch in the sun. Luckily it is still warm enough to sit outside this week, but its getting cooler!!  This is the time I get to catch up with my sister or sister in law about what is happening socially and their plans for the weekend. Our whole family works in the company one way or another. We are a big family and I love that we get to spend our working time together.


1.30 pm 

After lunch I will sit down with my brother, Harry who is our MD. We go through latest released collections and latest designs for future collections together.

My sister who manages our stand alone Concept Stores in Highpoint, Watergardens and Woodgrove shopping centres often gets involved in these meeting plus the Sales and Marketing Managers also.   This is a good time for us to plan our launches into the stores and also talk about consumer feedback.  We love to receive feedback from our consumers via social media or our website. We are always looking to hear about what ranges they are loving, what products they wished we could produce or patterns, colours they would love us to look at for our next collections.  They are very vocal and passionate about the brand, which is amazing thing to have! We also love seeing our products being used in their homes. With the introduction of Instagram we get to see this more than ever these days!!  As a result we often send out little gifts to thank them for their photos and to encourage them to continue taking photos and sharing them with us!


3.30 pm

Our Merchandise Manager meets with Harry, our Sales Manager and myself around latest deliveries and orders that have come through from our retailers. We are very proud to be stocked by Myer and David Jones, and also a large number of speciality stores nationally and therefore it is very important that we ensure that our deliveries arrive on time and that we have enough stock to keep supplying their needs.


4.30 pm

The rest of the afternoon is filled with more emails and catching up with designers on any design amends.


6.30 – 10.30 pm

Head home with my husband (also part of the team) and we have dinner with my daughter, my son and his girlfriend.  This is followed by sitting on the couch in front of the TV with my husband and my dog Bubsy for an hour before heading to bed.


You can stay up-to-date with Salt&Pepper by following them on Facebook or Instragram.

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