The Days of Our Lives: Nick Peters, Canvas & Canvas

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This week, I’d like to introduce you to Nick Peters the creative force behind, Canvas & Canvas.

For five years, Nick operated Canvas & Canvas as a wholesale business, supplying some of the countries best boutique hotels, resorts, apartment buildings and offices. As his business grew, friends and family kept asking Nick to help them with affordable hand painted artwork for their homes. These were all people who had a passion for artwork but may not yet be able to afford the high price tags that traditionally come with works from local galleries.

With this vision, Nick formed an online gallery that could provide high-end original hand painted artwork to anyone and have it delivered to there doorstep, worldwide. By limiting each design to only 99 pieces produced, Canvas & Canvas not only ensures originality but also instills more value in each piece.

This is a day in Nick’s life.


The Daily Routine of Nick Peters, Canvas & Canvas


6.00 am



6.15 am

Wake, shower, turn Triple M on load.


6:30 am

Dressed, talking turkey to Caroline, my girlfriend.


7.00 am

Filling the Nutri Bullet with goodness/breakfast smoothie.


7:30 am

Watching The Today Show – love Carl!


8.00 – 10:30 am

Walk 800m to the gallery/office and attack my email inbox, post anything that is news worthy on our social media channels. Urgent tasks completed.


10:30 am

Follow up clients, phone calls and arrange meetings.


11.00 am

First and only coffee for the day – ¾ latte no sugar.


11:30 am

Checking in with the art studio, signing off artwork for global dispatch.


12:00 pm

Replying to online enquires – about 20 customer emails per day.


1.00 pm

Lunch / 2 chicken brown rice sushi rolls and one tuna roll. Bottle of water. Eat out the back if sun is shining at the Solider On Café, 188 High St, Prahran.


2.00-4.00 pm

Chatting with our head of design Nick Mitchell from Colour Club. Talking about new artwork designs, mail outs, website functions and general design elements throughout the business.


5.00 pm

Adhoc jobs, which are not a high priority, as energy levels are slowly lowering.


6.00 pm

Shut down, speak with Caroline about dinner or tonight’s social activity.


6:30-7:30 pm

Exercise / usually run the tan or at least pretend to run.


8.00 pm

Dinner and a glass of red.


9.00 pm

Couch time, while scrolling through social media and art blogs.


10.00 pm

Always like to be in bed round 10pm for my 8 hour sleep.


You can stay in touch with Canvas & Canvas by following them on Facebook, Instagram or Pinterest.  

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