The Days of Our Lives: Alex Butta and Rohan Mummery, The White Room


This week I’d like to introduce you to Alex Butta and Rohan Mummery, co-founders of The White Room.

You might remember Alex from this video I made last year about my Studio renovation. Well, just a couple of months ago she teamed up with her really good friend Rohan, to launch a range of exclusive tours exploring Melbourne’s underground interior design and decoration scene.

This is a day in the very busy lives of Alex and Rohan, as they hold down their full-time gigs and take The White Room from a daydream to reality.


The Daily Routine of Alex Butta, Co-Founder The White Room


6.00 am

Alarm goes off, Justin is up and off to work. I hit snooze then I’m woken by my kitten, Artie, purring loudly, walking all over me and banging our pendant lights together until I get up and feed her. Shower and make a Nutri Bullet that I drink in the car.

8.00 am

Start my day as a Visual Merchandising Manager and Interior Decorator at Freedom Furniture. Busy, busy! This continues until 4:30pm, five days a week.

5.00 pm

Start my second job as one half of The White Room Interiors. Whilst driving home I am liaising with all the fabulous stores we will visit on our tours. Speak to Rohan to fill him in on news, this usually entails leaving him a lengthy voice mail that fills his mail box… there is a lot of news including the new cushion I just bought!

5.30 pm

Home. I jot down a few sketches and ideas I have thought of during the day for my partner to look at for our new home renovations. Marble? Concrete? Hexagon subway tiles? too many options!

6.00 – 8.00 pm

Weekly White Room meeting begins with Rohan. This involves soft cheese, quince paste and wine. Check emails, update website, create Instagram and Facebook post for The White Room.

9.00 pm

Time to relax, catch up on my partner’s day on the couch, kitty on our laps… start falling asleep. 

10.00 pm



The Daily Routine Rohan Mummery, Co-Founder of The White Room


5.40 am

Alarm goes off. SNOOZE!

5.45 am

Alarm goes off again. Up we get – shower.. coffee.. ready for work! Feed the kids (two black labs, Archie and Sadie) and myself!

6.30 am

In the car, 101.1 KIIS FM at moderate volume level until I fully wake up! Drop the husband at work then off to the Royal Melbourne Hospital to start my shift as a registered nurse.

8.00 am

Back on the road with a list of patients to see (first patient is usually myself with the drug of choice being caffeine!)

12.00 pm

LUNCH! usually a sandwich or soup, especially in winter.. cheeky Instagram post! 

1:00 pm

Back to the Hospital having completed my road list – happy times!

1:30 pm

Out the door. Usually need something from the supo for dinner! 

4:00 pm

Arrive home to the fur babies! Sadie madly jumping at the side gate in excitement. Groceries away, runners on and off we head for a much needed walk. Our walks usually involve some calls to organise things for the week – i.e liaising with stores, bloggers and updating Alex and often listening to her lengthy voicemails!

5:00 pm

Back home from a long walk, two puffed pooches and a puffed me! Time to cook some dinner.

6:00 pm

The White Room’s weekly meeting with Alex to talk shop! We discuss the stores we have on board, any new concepts we have for the tours, marketing.. etc… these meetings usually involve soft cheeses and a glass of wine to help us get creative!

9:00 pm

Couch time, chat to the hubby about the days events, watch some TV and do some light research on the iPad.

10:30 pm

Bed time. Hello electric blanket!


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