9 Moving Tips for the Lazy Packer


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Moving house isn’t normally high on anyone’s list of fun things to do with your spare time. I put it up there with doing my tax, going to the dentist or shopping for new jeans! But whether you’ve bought a new place, signed a lease on your dream apartment or decided to move in with a friend, the reality is those boxes ain’t going to pack themselves. So, here are nine super simple packing tips that make moving as stress-free as possible…and yes, there is such a thing!

1. Stock Up On Supplies

Set yourself up for packing success by collecting all the supplies you need to get everything boxed up and transported. The perfect packing kit includes different size boxes and plastic containers, blankets, bubble wrap, butcher’s paper, marker pens, a Stanley knife, rubber bands and masking tape. A great place to get all your packing supplies sorted is here.


2. Colour Code

Moving to a new home is the perfect time for a fresh start. I like to go through each room and decide what I want to keep, give away, throw out or put into storage. I use colour coded post-it notes (eg. yellow for the things I want to keep, pink for the things I’m giving away etc) as a way of marking out what’s going where.


3. Pack or Purge

If you’re downsizing and can’t bear to part with the furniture that doesn’t fit in your new nest, consider popping some of your things in storage. Some self-storage companies such as Fort Knox, will even give you access to a trailer so you can move everything quickly and for free.


4. Start Early

It doesn’t matter how organised you are, moving always takes longer than you think it will. To avoid feeling overwhelmed, start early. I like spending a little time every day in the weeks leading up to a move, rather than leaving it to a last minute rush.


5. Pack One Room at a Time

Begin at the top of your house and pack one room at a time. Each box should only contain items from one room. This makes unpacking much quicker as you won’t have to move the box around your house as you empty it.


6. Plastic Wrap It!

Rather than empty drawers only to put the contents in yet more boxes, wrap them up in plastic wrap. That way everything stays intact and you won’t have to pack and unpack yet another box. Plus, removing the drawers will make your dressers and cabinets much lighter to move.


7. Don’t Overstuff Boxes

Resist the urge to completely fill large moving boxes. Not only can this result in broken belongings, but the box is more likely to break, will be hard to move and could put a serious strain on you back – none of which make moving any more of an enjoyable experience!


8. Have a Power Hour

One of my favourite authors, Gretchen Rubin suggests having a ‘power hour’ to get on top of household chores and nagging tasks. This works just as well when you’re packing. Set the timer, put some music on and focus on getting stuck into your packing. Just make sure you resist the temptation to get side-tracked by that album of baby photos or love letters from your ex boyfriends. Once the timer stops, have a break and give yourself a little reward – like a flick of your favourite magazine or a cupcake!

9. Pack An Essentials Box

There is nothing worse than making it to your new home and not being able to find anything you need to start settling in. I like to pack an an essentials box that I take in my car to the new house. That way I know exactly where it is. In my essentials box you’ll find a mixture of the practical (sponges, cleaning products, Stanley knife, garbage bags, toilet paper) and the personal (bed linen, pjs, snacks, tea, clothes for the next day).


What sort of packer are you? Lazy? Super organised?

Take this fun quiz to find out your organisational style – the result may surprise you!

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