5 Kitchen Renovation Lessons from The Block


Kitchen week on The Block is always my favourite, and last Sunday’s reveal didn’t disappoint. I loved seeing how the couples worked with The Good Guys Kitchens to create five very difference spaces. It was also a good chance to spot some new design trends and learn a few kitchen renovation lessons – what works and what doesn’t!


5 Kitchen Renovation Lessons from The Block

Black is no longer a risk. Three out of the five couples had matte black cabinetry in their kitchen prompting judge, Neale Whitaker, to comment, “It was not long ago when the judges all thought a black kitchen was a big risk, but today this feel totally appropriate.”


Kitchens have gone high tech. From a touch-screen splashback and self cleaning ovens to the Fisher & Paykel CoolDrawer which can be either a freezer or fridge, contestants worked with The Good Guys Kitchens to make cutting-edge technology front and centre in their kitchen. It was also interesting to see that smaller appliances, like a coffee machine, were built in to keep benchtops clear of clutter.


Never underestimate the power of small details to transform a space. The Block showed that even the smallest details, can give a kitchen personality. Case in point? Luke and Ebony’s black timber and copper handles or Suzi and Vonni’s integrated metallic sink.


Classic styles can work in a contemporary kitchen. A kitchen doesn’t have to be either modern or traditional. Ebony and Luke paired classic white Shaker profile doors with contemporary copper handles to create a look that had the best of both worlds. Meanwhile, Whitney and Andy’s decision to have a retro oven and rangehood with otherwise super slick, modern appliances was a masterclass in what not to do! When combining styles, you still need to have consistency about how you mix and match. So, choose appliances that are all retro inspired or all modern.


Splashbacks become a design feature. You normally expect a splashback to simply be coloured glass or acrylic, but Whitney and Andy showed that with a little clever thinking, you can have one with form and function. Their white brick splashback was a smart way to soften the starkness of their kitchen while making an impression for all the right reasons.


Which kitchen was your favourite on The Block?

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