35 Budget Decorating Tips


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Updating your home and giving it a new look doesn’t need to break the bank. Get resourceful with my simple and creative budget decorating tips:

  • Start by looking at what you’ve already got and consider how you could style it differently. Flip the floor plan, move pieces into different rooms. Sometimes you don’t have to buy a thing to give your home a new look.
  • Prioritise your spending and invest in big ‘wow’ items – the things you first notice in a space, that are hard to change and that hold their value over time.
  • Update your living room by getting thrifty and checking out Gumtree for a new sofa or armchair. Pay attention to the shape as it’s always easy to reupholster an old piece with good bones.
  • Concentrate your attention one updating one room at a time, rather than the whole house.
  • Wallpaper the inside of your favourite bookcase.
  • Lift a tired lamp by switching out the shade.
  • Decals are a great high impact alternative to wall art. For wall decals with a difference, check out Blik.
  • Replacing the handles on your kitchen cabinets is one of the easiest makeovers you’ll ever do!
  • Check out local garage sales or flea markets for vintage doorknobs that you can use as a hand towel hanger.
  • Adding trim to a plain lampshade, cushion or curtains elevates the ordinary.
  • Rather than forking out for expensive artwork, hang some of your favourite plates.
  • Get rid of the clutter!
  • New vases can be exxy. So, I made my own for only $1.10 each.
  • Create visual interest by painting the trim, door jams, windowsills, skirting boards or around a fireplace in a complementary but contrasting colour.
  • Cover a tired couch with a vintage throw or chunky knit.
  • Change the mood of a space by installing dimmers on your lights.
  • Pop some small potted herbs along the windowsill in your kitchen.
  • Hide worn carpet by throwing down a rug.
  • Instead of flowers, I’ll often use in season fruit (like a big bowl of lemons) to add colour to our coffee table or bench top.
  • A clean, dry tin that has been covered in wallpaper off cuts makes for a unique utensil holder or pen pot.
  • If you want to hide an ugly view or maintain your privacy, faux frost your windows with inexpensive window film.
  • Stack old fruit crates to create shelving with personality.
  • For a home with heart, mix quality pieces with less expensive finds.
  • Update your bedroom with new linen or a different cushion.
  • Instead of keeping your favourite things tucked away in a cupboard, group them in a vignette on a bench, bookshelf or coffee table. Just remember, an odd number of objects is always more visually pleasing.
  • For a cheap and cheerful exterior update, paint your front door in a bright pop of colour.
  • Shop smart for multi-purpose furniture pieces like an ottoman that can also be used as a coffee table.
  • Don’t underestimate the power of draped window treatments to transform a space. Hang them wider and higher than the actual dimensions of the window to create the illusion of a bigger window. This will also make a room feel larger and grander.
  • Use a mirror to transform a small, dark room into a space that feels lighter and bigger. To make a room feel even brighter, hang the mirror opposite a window.
  • A can of spray paint gives new life to old timber pieces – just like I did here.
  • Replace the legs on your couch.
  • Cluster column candles in an unused fireplace.
  • An indoor plant adds life to any room.


What are your budget decorating tips?

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