Why You Should Never Drink Coffee First Thing In The Morning


As with pretty much everything in life, timing matters! Especially that cuppa you usually reach for as soon as you wake up. In fact, recent research debunks an ingrained habit most of us have and reveals that first thing in the morning is actually the worst time of day to drink coffee.


The Science Behind Why You Shouldn’t Drink Coffee First Thing In The Morning

Giving your body a mainline supply of caffeine first thing in the morning upsets your natural body clock.

The body releases the hormone cortisol at its highest levels between 8am and 9am to ensure you are fully woken up. But scientists have discovered drinking coffee so early in the day could interfere with this natural process by decreasing the cortisol levels, meaning you ultimately become more reliant on caffeine to compensate.

The other effect of drinking coffee in the morning is well-known to habitual morning drinkers: It increases your tolerance to caffeine because it replaces the natural cortisol-induced boost instead of adding to it.

Interestingly, a study published by the National Centre for Biotechnology Information also found that drinking coffee on an empty stomach can take a serious toll on your digestive system. The caffeine triggers an increase in stomach acid which can cause symptoms such as bloating, indigestion and heartburn if you have a sensitive stomach lining. This applies to decaffeinated coffee, too.


When’s The Best Time of Day to Drink Coffee?

According to a scientific study, cortisol levels are high at three times of the day, not just early in the morning. So the best times to drink coffee — or caffeine in general — is between 10 am and noon, and between 2 pm. and 5 pm.


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