Why I’m Giving Up Alcohol


I didn’t start drinking until I was 20, but since then I’ve made up for lost time and wholeheartedly embraced the theory that a midweek vino helps take the edge of a busy day, champagne on Friday should be mandatory and Saturday is always begging for just one more cocktail! But over the last six months, I’ve noticed I’m drinking more and I’m drinking more often. I don’t think alcohol and I are anywhere near having a troubled relationship, but six days ago I decided to take six weeks off the booze.


Other than when I was pregnant or breastfeeding, this will be the first time I’ve gone more than a few days without alcohol. I’m working on a massive job so I want to be focused and operating at 100% (not a foggy but manageable 80%). I also want to break the habit of using alcohol as a way to relax or reward myself. But most of all, I’m curious to see how I go giving up something that I love, is such a big part of how I socialise – and let’s be honest, is fun!


While I’m very good at sticking to the promises I make to other people, I can often be a bit casual with the promises I make myself. I might declare that I won’t buy any new shoes for a few months or I’ll stop having a mid-afternoon sweet treat, but after a short while I’ll break that promise and not really think twice about it.


So, I’m sharing what I’m up to with you to ensure I stay accountable. I’m all in with this. There are no ‘pass outs’ for a special night. There’s no point of negotiation.


Here’s cheers to seeing what I gain by giving up alcohol.




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