The 10 Best Free Apps for Busy Mums





Taxi Driver.

Head Cheerleader.

Laundry Machine Operator.

Finance Manager.

Play-date Coordinator.

Sleep Scientist.

It would normally take a team to do what a mum gets through each day! To make your life easier, I’ve rounded up 10 free apps for busy mums and help keep family life ticking along and make life simpler.



Think of IFTT as your very own personal assistant! IFTT stands for ‘if this, then that’ and is a wonderfully easy way to program your life to be more automatic. Check out this list of very clever ways to use this app to make your life simpler.


Eat Sleep

If you’re anything like me and totally delirious in those first few weeks after your newborn arrives, get your mitts on Eat Sleep. It’s a super easy way to track when you fed, how long bub slept and nappy habits.


Genius Scan

I constantly feel like I’m drowning in all the forms that have to be filled out for our tribe! To make family admin as pain-free as possible, use Genius Scan to scan and email documents on the go.


Paper by FiftyThree

If you’re looking to distract the kids with a little drawing session or prefer jotting down notes to typing them out, Paper will be right up your alley. Sure, there are lots of drawing apps around, but this is the most elegant, responsive and fluid.


I think the hardest thing about being a mum is that everything and everyone competes for your time. All. Day. Long. To help you find the time to do the things you want to, without interfering with the things youhave to do, check out the super intelligent Timeful app. It’s also a brilliant way to create new habits.


Potty Time

Potty Time takes a playful approach to encouraging your toddler to use the toilet. It also comes with tips on when to start potty training, how to make it a positive experience and things to avoid. Plus, it’s proof that there really is an app for everything these days!



One of the things I find really tricky about motherhood is that by the time I look after everyone else, there’s not much left in the tank to for me. But, with a little help from My Fitness Pal it’s a cinch to be more accountable to your health and fitness goals. This all-in-one calorie counter and activity tracker is simple and easy to use. And free!


Keep on top of family finances with Mint. This nifty app is a great way to get a clear understanding of how you’re spending your money, whether you’re sticking to your budget and seeing all your financial accounts in one place.


White Noise

Send bub off to the land of nod with this collection of ambient sounds and white noise.



Let’s not sugar coat it, travelling with kids can be nightmare! To make sure your next trip is smooth sailing, pack GateGuru. This free app is chock-full of airport reviews and information and covers everything from food, retail, services, where the nearest clean toilet is and even the amount of time needed to travel between gates and terminals


What are your favourite apps for making family life easier?

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