Window Shopping

Supermarket Sarah

I don’t think I have ever seen our fridge looking so pathetically bare. The lone egg and apple have asked for new tenants to join them, but instead of going to the supermarket I’ve spent all day procrastinating.

On one of my time wasting missions, I came across the only supermarket I fancy visiting this afternoon – Supermarket Sarah. Earlier this year, Sarah Bagner quit her day job and set up a shop in her home, just around the corner from Portobello Market. Selling a bower bird mix of vintage fashion, trinkets and pieces from up-and-coming designers, Sarah’s online boutique features a shot of her ‘shop window’ (which is actually her lounge room wall!) that allows you to click on each eclectic item to purchase.

Thankfully Supermarket Sarah now ships internationally – if only she sold muesli and washing up detergent and I would never have to leave home and face a wonky trolley again!
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