Win a $300 Idlewild Jewellery Gift Card {Closed}

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Many moons ago, I used to work with Nelly Phelan – one of the most genuine people I’ve ever met. Recently, we crossed paths again and I discovered Nelly has launched Idlewild, a contemporary, handcrafted jewellery label for Idle Dreamers and the Wild at Heart.

Born out of Nelly’s desire to combine her love of drawing and contemporary design with traditional jewellery making technique, Idlewild draws inspiration from symbols and iconography of ancient culture, dreams, rituals, fairy tales and fables. Each delicate design is handmade and crafted from sterling silver, gold fill, bronze and natural gemstones.


To share the love, Nelly is generously giving one of you  a $300 Idlewild gift card. For your chance to win, all you have to do is:
  1. Become a Checks and Spots subscriber (if you’re not already!)
  2. Have a gander at the beautiful Idlewild collection and leave a comment below, sharing what you would like

Entries close at 10 pm Tuesday 16 August. Good luck!

Edit: Congratulations to the winner, Gail Virgona. Many thanks to everyone who entered!

Competition Fine Print:  Competition open to Australian readers only. This is a game of skill. The winner will be decided by Checks and Spots. Winners announced on Checks and Spots on Thursday 18 August 2016 and contacted via email. Prize is not transferable.
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  • Sharon Johnson

    I love the reflection triangle lariat necklace it would be a lovely focal point to my new years outfit.

  • Lucia Saal

    I love the Peace Bracelet. So delicate and beautiful.

  • laureneve

    Loving the Orbiting star bracelet. One for me and one for Mum so we will always be reminded of each other.

  • Sam Pearce

    A gold orbiting star necklace. Just divine.

  • KylieD

    I disappeared down the rabbit hole there for a while but the Reflection Triangle Lariat Necklace came out on top, just beautiful.

  • Lily

    Reminds me of the mysticism of the great south a la True Detective season one.

    I connect most with the Reflection Triangle Lariat Necklace… strength and balance.

  • Linda C

    I would love the Orbiting Star Stud Earrings for my girls.

  • Becky Palmer

    The orbiting star gem charm bracelet

  • Sacha Pech

    Orbiting Star Drop necklace; it’s so dainty and caught my eyes immediately. Stunning.

  • Christina Lungo

    Orbiting Star Gem Necklace – how gorgeous is this piece. I can picture it around my neck hanging ever so gracefully.

  • Paula Harris

    I love the Adinkra Justice Ring. It’s simple but elegant

  • Jennifer B.

    I wouldn’t need the full $300… Wearing the stylish Reflection Triple Drop Earrings with Gold every day would keep me happy!

  • disqus_9dADjefMjM

    Anything from the Orbiting range (that Gold Star Gem necklace is divine) – stars always remind me to stop, look up, and remember how small problems actually are in the grand universe scheme of things.

  • Tracey Taylor

    Reflections triple drop earrings in goldwould be my or evening wear would be lifted by these classic earrings.

  • Anastasia Xynos

    The reflection band ring in the gold colour is stunning and would complement my wedding ring finger

  • Jane A

    The beautiful Adinkra Love Eye Necklace which I would gift to my daughter to keep her safe always on her travels and in life.

  • Maria

    I love the Adinkra Peace Necklace. I could do with some harmony and balance in my life.

  • Lynne Lillington

    I love the Gold Reflection Drop Chain Earring so dainty and elegant

  • Kirsty

    I love the Orbiting Star Burst Drop Earring and Orbiting Star Burst Gem Ring from iDLEWiLD. I couldn’t just have the one love. To me, together they scream ROCKSTAR! Winning this amazing prize I could have both which would be a dream. As the black Star is said to bring calming energy to the wearer by easing stress and anxiety and a heightened sense of creativity. I could certainly imagine myself getting creative and de-stressing with these – Dancing around the house with my air guitar, my hair brush microphone in hand, singing to my hearts content. It would add a little glamour and fun to my crazy busy world! Thanks iDLEWiLD.

  • Karina Lee

    Love the Orbiting Star Gem Necklace. It would adorn my neck nicely like tinsel to a Christmas tree!

  • Rebecca Costa

    I so love the Reflection Drop Chain Earring in silver, great earrings that can be worn casually or elegant for a night on the town.

  • Faye

    The Adinkra Justice Necklace is stunning and would be ever so flattering to the neckline. Love x

  • Sharon Markwell

    The Reflection Drop Chain Earrings with matching Reflection Lariat Triangle Necklace are enough to make any girl go wild – Idlewild that is!

  • Gail Virgona

    Oooooh I love it all but if I have to choose .. Reflection Triangle Lariat Necklace and Reflection Triangle Lariat Necklace would be my pick. Great collection, best of luck with it.

  • Rachael

    Love the Reflection Drop Chain Earrings!! Will have to point Hubby this way for Christmas 😉

  • Bridget

    How gorgeous is the Reflection Triangle Lariat Necklace!

  • Louise

    The reflection band rings remind me of one my older cousin always wore, happy memories 🙂

  • Jenny morgan

    I really like the silver Adinkra Divinity bracelet. It’s so delicate and feminine. Just lovely.

  • Kim

    Orbiting Star Burst Gem Ring is stunning =) Reminds me of the unforgettable creativity David Bowie unleashed on the world!

  • Tamara Lamb

    Love the Adinkra peace necklace and other matching pieces. It is simply stunning!

  • Mary

    I would love the beautiful gold Orbiting Star Burst Gem Ring.

  • Emma Puszkar

    Reflection Triangle Lariat Necklace

  • Mel

    Orbiting Star Drop Necklace, it’s a beautiful feature piece. You’ve gotta wish upon a star when you see one and this necklace has two, double wishes. How cool!

  • Nassep

    Reflection Diamond Shaped Ring – reminds me of the elegance of celtic days and old love

  • Sherry P

    The Adinkra Peace bracelet is gorgeous!
    I would never take it off!!! ❤❤❤❤

  • Smilie2601

    I had a gander and felt a sense of serene,
    The Orbiting Star Stud and Orbiting Star Drop Necklace I couldn’t decide between,
    I would have to acquire the both, to own the complete set,
    Otherwise trying to find a counterpart I’ll surely fret!
    A design that oozes calmness is exactly what this mummy does long,
    On my neck and ears these priceless jewels belong!

  • Joanna H

    Reflection Drop Chain Earrings in silver to bring some glamour to my life!

  • Kelly Ryan

    The Adinkra Peace Necklace is just divine

  • Madelaine Howe

    orbiting earrings are lovely!

  • Tess Howard

    The Reflection Band ring is so gorgeous. I can just imagine the feel of it on my hand and a great reminder to reflect and be grateful!

  • Lauren Dean

    I love the Adinkra Peace Ring – The design is unique.

  • ash100

    Wow i love almost everything but the Adinkra Peace Ring would be one of my favs <3

  • Patricia Harkin

    The Adinkra Divinity Bracelet would look great on my wrist…cheers!

  • Deborah Compton

    Reflection Triangle Lariat Necklace and band ring, elegant and feminine designs to suit every women

  • Elisabeth Martins

    I am loving the “Adinkra” range because it reminds me of things my mother owned when I was younger. She was born and raised in South Africa.

  • Marilyn Smith

    Adinkra peace necklace is tugging at my heart strings.

  • jody buhagiar

    The gold Orbiting Star Charm Bracelet. Stylish yet simple. I adore the design and the star for wishing .

  • Natalie Stoute

    Absolutely stunning pieces! I’ve never been one for flashy ‘bling’ but do love stylish and unique fashion jewellery. I’m also a big fan of mixed metals and Idlewild have nailed it perfectly. I adore the Reflection Triangle Lariat Necklace, I can see me wearing this right through summer….

  • Sarah Galloway

    Such a beautiful collection. I think my favourite piece is the sterling silver reflection diamond shaped ring. It is absolutely stunning.

  • Laura Scriven

    Reflection Triangle Lariat Necklace paired with the Reflection Drop Chain Earrings would be amazing. Such a statement duo.

  • Hayley Shaw

    orbiting star drop necklace is beautiful

  • Mikaela Cowan

    the orbiting star drop necklace is breathtakingly beautiful

  • Faye Hannam

    How wonderful it would wear a Idlewild Adinkra Peace Bracelet on my wrist.. So pretty and delicate… I love it..

  • Melissa Edwards

    The orbiting star burst gem ring is exquisite!
    And I can imagine my finger in it !

  • Georgina QC

    The Reflection Triangle Lariat Necklace is gorgeous 😍😍😍

  • Mel Sparkles

    Crushing on the Reflection Triangle Lariat necklace and the Adinkra Justice ring:-)

  • Jennifer

    I love the Orbiting Star Pyramid Ring. it is such a beautiful, simple design and I would love to wear it knowing that it will help ease anxiety and stress

  • love the Orbiting Star Burst Drop Earrings

  • Karina Lee

    Love the Reflection Triangle Lariat Necklace!!

  • dhanya samuel

    Loved the entire collection; so dreamy and unique. But my absolute favourite is the Orbiting star studs.

  • Kerry Vincenti

    Love you collection, if lucky enough to win it will hard to choose.