What To Wear When You’re Pregnant


Just because you’re up the duff, it doesn’t mean you have to spend nine months in the sartorial wilderness! To get the lowdown on how to dress when pregnant, I caught up with Miso Jung, the head fashion designer at Soon Maternity who’s also expecting her first bambino this month.

What To Wear When You’re Pregnant

Many women I know have said they were completely nervous about telling their employer they were pregnant. They feared their employer would treat them differently, gradually phasing them out of the picture or worse, blatantly discriminate against them.

Fortunately for me, it was the exact opposite. As head fashion designer for Soon Maternity, the news of my pregnancy was greeted with squeals of excitement – not only do I work with an incredibly supportive and caring bunch of women but also, now we had a real life mannequin in the studio upon which we could try on all our new designs!

I had always worn our designs before becoming pregnant. It is a secret more women need to discover – fashion-forward maternity clothing which allows you to get the latest look AND the comfort. But now that I am pregnant myself I have gained an insight into the intricacies of each stage and how quickly your preference for one style of clothing can change.


What to Wear in Your First Trimester

What-to-wear-when-you're-pregnant What-to-wear-when-you're-pregnant What-to-wear-when-you're-pregnant

If I had one word to describe how I felt throughout the first trimester it would be ‘thick’. There is no noticeable adorable bump for people to coo over, rather everything just gets firm – actually, downright TIGHT – very, very quickly. The daily ‘go to’ pieces such as that favourite pair of jeans or a comfy bra soon became like an annoying ex-boyfriend. You look at them as if to say ‘what did I ever see in you anyway, I never want to see you again!’

Luckily I had my pick of the basics on hand. Once I slid into my maternity jeans I felt completely liberated, the comfort was sublime and because of the way they are cut, my maternity jeans are incredibly flattering. It seems some ladies really try to push out the inevitable, as if there is some badge of honour for how long you can stay in your ‘normal’ clothes for. Whatever suits I say, but why fight it when there is an equally fashionable alternative which makes you feel blissfully comfortable.

First Trimester Tip:

Get the basic items that make you feel comfortable around your belly, key pieces for the bottoms such as a pair of straight leg jeans, capri pants, cropped cargoes and a pencil skirt.


What To Wear In Your Second Trimester

What-to-wear-when-you're-pregnant What-to-wear-when-you're-pregnant What-to-wear-when-you're-pregnant

As I started to show in my second trimester, I felt the urge to experiment with different looks – bright skinny jeans with bat wing tops or low-heeled boots and a little black dress. I even found myself wearing white capri pants, something I have always admired on our customers but wasn’t sure I could pull them off myself however am now convinced they should be a staple for a Spring/Summer maternity wardrobe.

I found it important during my second trimester to find stylish clothes that are easy to move around in. For me, looser, floating cuts and lightweight fabrics were the answer.

Second Trimester Tip:

Embolden your maternity basics with some beautiful, fashion-forward pieces which not only make you feel great but which will grow with you throughout the remainder of your pregnancy.


What to Wear in Your Third Trimester

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And now I am in my third trimester something mysterious has happened. Almost overnight I have gone from a preference for billowy, loose cuts to ultra fitted styles. I really want to show off my enormous belly, and it is quite amazing how flattering beautifully fitted maternity clothing is. In a strange way the more fitted the clothing, the slimmer I look.

Fitted tank dresses, stretch denim and snug singlets have become my daily basics, and I love dressing these up or down with amazing accessories or layering with a waterfall jacket or soft knit cardigan.

With my baby due to arrive in February, I am now also really thinking about clothing which will take me beyond my pregnancy and into the coming year where I suspect relaxed afternoons perusing the high street might a thing of the past! When designing a collection, I always try to keep in mind clothing that you can wear after pregnancy, giving our customers peace of mind that amongst all of the expenses of having a baby, your pregnancy wardrobe need not only last for nine months.

Third Trimester Tip:

Look for fashionable maternity clothing that will take you beyond your pregnancy and in to your first year with your baby.

Above all, I say keep an open mind when pregnant and seek out new looks, you might be surprised.

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Photograph 1: Harper’s Bazaar UK via Popsugar
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