Truth Serum

Geoffrey Edelston and Brynne Gordon.

Go Try It On

On a recent night out, one of my best buddies proclaimed, ‘I prefer your hair long and curly. I think it looks much better!’ Unfortunately for me, my hair was short and straight at the time. We both continue to laugh about this moment and blame it on too much truth serum.

Maybe in the future though, she could direct her frank opinions to Go Try it On, a new site where you can get an honest opinion on whether your outfit is grouse or shouse . Recent brace souls who have posted their outfits online include Cami who is wondering if she can get away with matching her cardie to her gumboots, Karan who wants to rock a popped collar and Blair who needs convincing that her pretty frock is perfect for a country wedding.

The spirit of Go Try it On is helpful, rather than harmful. So helpful in fact, that when it comes to the likes of Brynne Gordon it can almost be considered a community service!
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