Trick or Treat?

Bat Tights

When I was eight, I dressed up for Halloween as a bat. My Auntie made my outfit and painted glittery nail polish around the eye holes for some extra pizazz. As I was putting my costume on, I yelped, ‘Shit!’ as some glitter had lodged in my eye. My Uncle then snapped, ‘We don’t speak like that, in this household’. Feeling sheepish and deflated, the edge was taken off Halloween and I never took part again.

After spotting these bat-tastic tights though, I’m almost tempted to get my trick or treat on. Almost. If today’s forecast wasn’t for a sticky 30 degrees then I definitely would. Well, that’s this year’s excuse for being a spooky pooper, and I’m sticking to it!
Happy Halloween!

US$ 23; available from Tattoo Socks
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