The Days of Our Lives: Sandra Brand, Alessandra Cashmere

alessandra-cashmerealessandra-cashmere alessandra-cashmere alessandra-cashmereIn The Days of Our Lives, we meet some fascinating and creative folk and take a look at what their typical day holds. Far from being about the mundane, it is a celebration of what it takes to juggle the day-to-day with big ideas, a successful business and a full home life. It’s about keeping all the balls in the air – what is important and what isn’t. It’s about (extra)ordinary moments that fill our every day. 

This week, I’d like to introduce you to Sandra Brand and her luxury cashmere label, Alessandra. With a grandfather who handmade ballet shoes for the Australian Ballet and her father starting his clothing manufacturing business in Flinders Lane, you could say that the crazy world of fashion is in her DNA! So at the age of 43, this single mum of 4, decided to take the plunge and make her dreams a reality by launching Alessandra.

This is a (busy) day in the life of Sandra Brand…

alessandra-cashmere alessandra-cashmere alessandra-cashmere


6.00 am

Up … Quickly run down to the kitchen where I either whip up a cake or a batch of biscuits – or these days some healthier snack options.


6.30 am-ish

I head for the street with my meditations playing via earphones and I walk for a hour (if I’m lucky.


7.00 am

If I’m home I start nagging school aged children to get out of bed, a difficult task in our household. If I’m not home, I ring them and nag them via the telephone even if it is just the shrill to get them up!


7.30 am

Breakfast if I’m organised and then dash out the door to for the school drop.


7:45 am

My ritual morning coffee at my local cafe where I sit and ponder. It’s the calm before the storm when I calmly plan my day, thoughts, ideas, designs, dreams, color, dinner, travels and meet ups with friends.


8:30 am

And it all begins at the studio – discussions about design, production, price. I sit at the drawing board with the team where we decide what, how and when our designs will happen.

We play with color mindfully as we are renowned for our color blocking and splicing. Everyday presents something new, whether it be customers to see, problems to be solved or new season directions to be brainstormed.


1.00 pm or sometimes it may be 3.00 pm!

Lunch. I’m a bit of a health “nut” so there is usually something healthy and green to be savoured. I also sip on a cup of herbal tea all day, it’s an interplay between licorice or green.


3.30-4.00 pm

I turn on “mum mode” again … after school sport, homework and listening to everyone about their day is my next call of duty and I love this!


6.00-7.00 pm

I turn master chef and dinner begins. An Italian background and many hours spent at my grandmother’s kitchen table being taught all the tricks of the trade, sees homemade pasta or gnocchi often on the menu and well received by hungry mouths.


7.30 pm

Monday night – Yoga – a ‘must’ that keeps me centered and calm. My addiction of 6 years and forever more.


10.00 pm 

Nighty night with more tea and a touch of mediation.


You can stay in touch with Alessandra on Facebook and Instagram.  

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